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About Anbaraenone of us since 4:43 AM on 08.09.2011

With this blog, I plan to discuss my views on the games that I love, and upcoming games and gaming news which interests me. I'm a multiplayer gamer at heart, so most of my posts will be focused in that direction. Gaming with friends is a complete blast, and I love the friendly competition that breeds in a good FPS or team strategy game.

At the moment, I'm playing DotA2, League of Legends, Super Monday Night Combat and Team Fortress 2 on the multiplayer front, at least on PC. I'm always continuously getting into and falling out of love with Minecraft - I own it on 360 now, and it's great fun on split-screen.

I got into gaming through my dad and cousin - my dad loved the old retro stuff whereas my cousin was more mainstream. I think the first games I played were old arcade games emulated on MAME - Pacman, Bubble Bobble and Lode Runner were particular favourites. Later I moved onto things like Spyro, Ape Escape, Crash Team Racing... (I owned a PS1, not an N64.) I also love and still love handheld gaming; I've owned a GB, GBA SP and DS and played most of them until the D-Pad and several buttons don't function properly.