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Anime Movies: Fist of the North Star (1995)

Now, this movie came out 18 years ago and is still notorious for being really bad. I am not writing this so I can say "this shit sucks" or even "this wasn't true to the source material". I honestly don't know the point of this. LET'S GET ST...


CROSSOVER: Super Man World

It was a really easy idea and it may have been done before, but maybe not. It's ridiculous to see Superman riding on Yoshi because of how impractical it is. I think the pun in the title fully justifies this piece.


BOSS: Ridley can do a sick-ass kickflip, yo

I wanted to use the word "Boss" in a way that people don't usually do. I decided to have Ridley from the Metroid series do something that was "boss", as in the adjective that extreme teens used to (and maybe still do) use. What's more bos...


Role Reversal: Top Percentage

I wanted to make something clever, I guess. So I made something silly instead. That's Youngster Joey, by the way... in case you didn't get it.


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