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About AnEvilBrownyone of us since 11:52 AM on 12.29.2008

An avid video gamer since the age of 6
I can't begin to explain just how many clicks
Came from my hand to my mouse
Or a controller in my house
From a Xbox or a Wii
A SNES or a PS3
I've got one of every platform
Cause I spend a lot of money
On the things I love the most
Like killing zombies or some ghosts
Or taking Bowser out back
To beat the shit out of his ass
I still go outside and have my fun
I make my money, and I get my shit done
But when I come home after a long day of work
I mesh into my couch and go virtually berserk
Mashing buttons, moving joysticks
And Shootin Hyrukens out on DPads
I love it all, its part of me
and I bet you can agree
That the best people in this Earth
Are the ones that pixelate from birth
We are the the ones that fight the good fight
Video Gamers, We Unite
(This is where some epic music comes in)

By Me

Some of the best times in my life consist of the days and nights that I play video games with my friends.