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Halo 3 Diorama: Cool, But Once is Enough

First of all, spare me all of your Halo hate, I know the Dtoid community is mostly against it in general. This is mostly about its foolishness in advertising, not the game itself.

Yes sir, that there virtual tour of the Halo 3 diorama/monument of the battle of New Mombasa is plenty spiffy, but as you glide along the pre-set path showing you dynamic views of intense looking battles, you might notice that there are links to enemy profiles and 'First Person Accounts' from now old veterans of the battle (As the monument was supposedly created about 50 years later, yeah whatever).

You might also notice little links to videos. These include the now famous 'Cereal Serious Business' ad with the elderly accented man talking about firing from an overturned Warthog (which is in there too, indeed). Also, near the end of the tour, there is a link to the other diorama based ad you may have seen here on Dtoid, where the Model Master Chief arms a plasma grenade and lifts his head at the end. I'm sure he does something bad ass with it after that, but wouldn't it be nice if we could see what it was?

This brings me to my next point.. which is actually the only point behind this blog post. There are three other videos linked to along the guided tour, named 'Hunted', 'Translator' and 'Gravesite', respectively. The first two of these videos will not be available until September 25th, 2007. That's right, on the game's launch day! While it might seem appropriate at first, I ask you: What is the bloody point of unlocking content no one will be around to watch? Did they really think anyone would go back to check on those promotional videos when they could be out snapping up the real deal?! No one's going to go back and slowly slide through the tour's path to get to them again, especially not after the 25th! I figured they'd lead up to the release, like any normal promo videos would.

Anyway, whatever. The real messed up thing is that the 3rd video I mentionned is going to be released on October 1st, almost a full week after the game's release. What the hell? No one, no one, no one will see that. Why wait that long at all? Is there spoilerific material in it? If so, and they're waiting to make sure everyone's finished the game before such story ruiners are revealed, then their logic is still failed, because there'll be plenty of people who might have waited to get a copy, or simply couldn't.. if but for 6 days, anyway. And while they're waiting on getting their copies, they can go online and see news of whatever spoilers are contained within, thanks to some internet cockjockey.

Of course, if there was such a person who wouldn't have the game at that point, but also cared about not getting things ruined, they might try to stay off of the net, a la Harry Potter 7 or something.

I don't know. I didn't mean for this to turn into a long rant. But if you've ever read any of my other posts, you'll know I have a tendency to let things get out of hand, post-length-wise.
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