DeS: Fortnites prize pool will be a staggering $100 million

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Halo 3 Diorama: Cool, But Once is Enough

First of all, spare me all of your Halo hate, I know the Dtoid community is mostly against it in general. This is mostly about its foolishness in advertising, not the game itself. Yes sir, that there virtual tour of the Halo 3 diorama/mon...


Yet More Thoughts on Metroid Prime 3

Some spoilers about gameplay, I guess: No story spoilers here! No, this isn't a review. I pretty much completely agree with Tristero's 'official word'. I do want to say, though, that while they're really good, I thought the controls weren...


The Truth About Mother Brain?

So! Auroras, eh? Spoilers of a trailer within: The newest trailer for Metroid Prime 3 has some spooky details revealed about an interesting bit of technology within the Metroid Universe. Allow me to paraphrase: 'Developed by Galactic Fede...


Finally made a Blog Header

Sorry for anyone looking for another one of my long winded posts about whatever just struck me about videro games, but I'm just looking for feedback on the banner I just uploaded. What'dya think guys? I churned it out in an hour or so. I h...


But is it ART? Part 1: Fun VS Entertainment

This is/was something of a responce to this post, but then things got out of hand and I kept writing and writing and then it wouldn't all fit in the comment box and it got all off topic, so I'm throwing it up here! The article asks how the...


Thoughts on Zombies & Racism

This will be my attempt to convey my views on the recent 'Racism in Resident Evil 5' debacle. I say 'attempt' because the whole thing is quite the quagmire which really comes down to personal views on the state of segregation/racism in Amer...


About Amethystineone of us since 11:11 PM on 06.14.2007

In a stupid Russian accent: "On Destructoid Dot Com, Internet looks at YOU!" So, yeah, stop staring at me. I'm just a gamer guy with a bit of typing diarrhea, which caused my short comments on news items to get out of hand.. so I decided I should start a blog to give them the space they needed. But anyway, this is my Dtoid profile, let's get started.

I obtained an original NES when I was five years old and still have it, along with all the Nintendo consoles since, all of which can be hooked up and played within a moment's notice. Oh, and I still have the old Zapper. Whoopee.

I am not a Nintendo fanboy (not completely, anyway) since I did own a Playstation for a while, and now have an Xbox 360 after having the original Xbox for the last year of it's run, and find myself all over it's achievements like a madman. I'm up to 33000 or so as of this writing in July '07. Check my Gamercard if you're from the future to see where I am now!

Favourite games include, but are not limited to: Zelda, Metroid and Mario anything (BEE SUIT). Resident Evil since I got hooked on the GC remake, Halo (don't kill me!), Grim Fandango, pretty much all the N64 Rare made games including Conker's Bad Fur Day, the C&C series, Monkey Island series, YDKJ series (don't know what that is, do you?), Eternal Darkness, Killer7, GTA series, the Myst series, the Worms games before they went to 3D and even though I can't hit the orange note half the time.. Guitar Hero.

Those games were listed in the order I thought of them, I'm not going to re-arrange them in my preferance order. Who knows which I like the most?!

Oh, and for crap I own.. I'm big into soundtracks, so whenever I can, I get the soundtrack to a game. And I mean, the actualy disc, not just downloading it. That's pretty hard where I live, so.. yeah. Hardcore, I guess. Woo.