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stay out of my games you dirty bastards

In a world where literally everywhere you look now a days you are bombarded with advertisements for one thing or another when does it become too far? From tv, magazines, internet, billboards, on other products, I've even seen an ipod ad hidden below the streets of chicago in a tunnel while on the train, even companies are willing to shell out millions just for coke to pop up in the summers biggest blockbusters. Now they want to invade my video games, one safe haven for years that has been free from the dirty money hungry pigs. I know video games now are expensive to make but do i really need to see Best Buy ads in my Need For Speed??? chances are thats where most people bought it, and possibly the system it's played on. Playing Counter-Strike now you have to deal with ads too, while it could be worse (picture roaming through de_dust and see a nice lil coke ad) it's still the fact of the matter that i'm sitting here PAYING to look at more commercials in my life for products/companies you'd have to live under a rock to not know exist. It wouldn't bother me AS much if i didn't still have to shell out a good 40-50 bucks for the game. Yes, games are increasingly becoming more expensive to make each year but why not try doing something crazy like making the game worth buying or not having to push out 2 new titles to the franchise each year?

This is becoming increasingly common in the game industry lately and I for one am sick of it. I don't know if many other people feel as strongly about this subject as I do, but this is something that needs to not become the norm in the future. Anyone have ideas as to WHY this would possibly be good for video games, or just agree with me that this is unacceptable and needs to stop? My feelings on this subject go far beyond video games, advertising is going way too far now a days schools, text books, the list goes on but since this is a gaming website i'm only really touching on the gaming aspect.
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