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simpsons movie is.....good?!?!?!


i'll admit, when i first heard of a simpsons movie i was very skeptical. when they can't even make a good episode anymore why would they be able to make a good movie? was i right, was i wrong? i got to see the movie at midnight and here's my post movie thoughts.

i went into the movie skeptical and figuring all the good parts of the movie were all seen in the previews. so it will take alot for this movie to win my heart over. the previews start to roaring applause, the new batman movie preview was pretty cool i dunno if it's new or not but full of win. the movie starts out and for the first chunk of the movie you don't stop laughing, hell i thourghly enjoyed watching green day die in a titanic-esque scene, worth the money right there. the beginning sets up one main part of the story and still laugh every two seconds material hurls its way at you. homer gets his pig which we all know and love as spider pig, or harry plotter, flanders works his way to barts heart, lisa meets a boy, and the movie continues to entertain scene to scene. homer soon after makes a horrible choice in hopes of free doughnuts and the main plot begins. if you think bush is a bad president wait till you see schwartenager as president. as always due to homers stupidity they are forced to escape the springfield mess and run away to alaska, where each citizen gets a thousand dollars to not care the government is destroying it's natural beauty. more filler happens and it's decided springfield must be saved from its upcoming doomy fate. character development is formed, and a big brested crazy medicine woman is met. then it's up to saving springfield before it becomes the new grand canyon.

i don't want to spoil it but the movie is sheer hilariousness and packed to the brim with win. if you like the simpsons at all this is a must see movie. it's regained some of it's campy, we'll do what eva we want, wether it be make fun of fox OR religion. or killing babies. i was truly skeptical of this movie but loved every minute of it. anyone who doubts wether it will be good or not should just go see it, it's totally worth it. i give it 4.5 stars.
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