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paris out of jail. the legal system is fail once again. other rant. edited it for almost justice.

this is god damned rediculous!!! the legal system once again proves the laws don't apply to you if your famous or rich. they are announcing soon why, i hope to god its not due to her not pshycologically able to handle prison cuz they have special areas and therapists to handle that. plus free drugs, which we all know the bitch loves.

she is under electronic house arrest for 40 days!!!

BTW, did anyone see the sara silverman slam paris on the mtv movie awards??? it was epic, http://www.tmz.com/2007/06/04/silverman-stresses-miss-hilton/19#comments she looked like she was about to cry. sheer awesomeness.

80% of tmz readers think justice was served.
80% of sane people think it wasn't.

outside of the pais deal,
i live in kansas in the city that girl was kidnapped and murdered, and the media completly has been blowing this thing out of proportion. the whole city is not grieving i have seen 1 have you seen this girl sign. the streets aren't flooding with tears, the city isn't as heartbroken as the media makes it seem. i wouldn't have known about it if it wasn't for the major news networks. that target is by my house i'm glad i wasn't there or i would have probally been a suspect just by my looks.
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