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Happy Halloweeeeen, Dtoid! Hope you're all having a Reese's peanut butter cups kind of night!


The Long Dark somehow makes me never want to go outside and desperately want to get outside at the same time.


I had to reveal that I'm a Hatmaker who can't make hats and change my avatar from Alma Armas to my real face, but I still love you guys. I should be around a lot more now. I hope I don't break the site.


The screams the lab assistants let out in Crash 2 when you kill them make me happier than almost anything. That's my childhood right there. Screaming lab assistants.


The pizza delivery guy just stopped by, saw my TV through my doorway, and said, "Are you playing Crash Bandicoot?" He sounded surprised, so I told him remastered versions were just released, and he turned into a 12-year-old boy right in front of my eyes.


My top 5 songs on the new Gorillaz album: Saturnz Barz, Andromeda, Momentz, The Apprentice, and Submission ... subject to change


Here's that Bloodborne thing I wrote! I had fun with it. I just couldn't let the day go by without a tribute, even if it's a kind of goofy one. http://www.relyonhorror.com/articles/bloodborne-still-shines-two-years-after-its-release


I'm writing a little something about Bloodborne for its two year anniversary tomorrow, and it's making miss the game dearly. If my backlog wasn't exploding, I'd start playing it again tonight.


I just remembered I had an Amazon gift card, so I bought Horizon Zero Dawn! I wasn't planning on playing it til later this year, but now I'm all excited.


Just sneaking back in to say hi, hello, and Night in the Woods is amazing. It has an entire Hyper Light Drifter-ish game within it!


I changed my avatar again because Alma is best girl. This one is here to stay. Play VA-11 HALL-A if you haven't yet!


Just got back from a vacation in NYC, NJ, and PA! We took a trip out to Eastern State Penitentiary, and I felt like I was in a survival horror game environment. Great atmosphere but no monsters. Easy walking simulator.


Carrie Fisher was the first woman in entertainment who I ever admired. She taught me that femininity and power are not mutually exclusive. 60 is too young. This isn't fair.


Since I probably won't be around to say it on the day of: happy holidays, guys! Thanks for welcoming me into the fold. May your Christmas and the coming year be filled with much gameage.


I'm loving all the best of 2016 blogs I'm seeing here. Video games made 2016 worth it. Here's hoping 2017 will bring more quality escapism!


I changed my avatar to fit in. See related subject: anxiety.


We're doing Final Fantasy rankings? Okay, I'm game! I'm sticking with my top 5, though, and I haven't played XV yet. 1) VI, 2) VIII, 3) IX, 4) VII, 5) IV


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I'm here to write about games, not make hats. I used to go by Lysness in the community, where I represented Alma Armas and gushed about Crash Bandicoot. Horror and management sims are my jams.

I'm also an occasional writer for Flixist. I'm probably thinking about Star Wars right now.

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5 of my favorite games: Bloodborne, The Binding of Isaac, Night in the Woods, Super Metroid, and Final Fantasy IX

5 of my favorite films (besides Star Wars): Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, It Follows, Alien, Whip It, and Inside Llewyn Davis

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