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Character Select: Gender Bending

My friend and I sat down for a game of Resident Evil 5. It had been a while since we had sat down for a good co-op game so we were both excited to get going. Before we started the game, I had the choice of being either Chris Redfield, a m...


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Let's see here, stuff about me...stuff about me. Well, I got started getting into games mainly through JRPGs. You see, my brother was my only gaming partner and he loved to play against me in games(Did I mention he is SIX years older?) so JRPGs were a good way of avoiding that conflict. As I grew older, I found more and more genres opening up to my skill level. Shooters weren't impossible for me anymore. Point and Click adventures didn't fry my brain. Platformers didn't have me in the fetal position from some impossible jump. Before I knew it, the only genres that I didn't play were sports(why not just go outside and play?) and racing(Hated the dynamic difficulty of cars slowing down when you were behind and speeding up when you were ahead).

As far as favorites are concerned, Bayonetta is at the very top. I could not love that game more. I'm a large fan of over-the-top action games like that. Next is Star Ocean III. That battle system was very fun. Past that I don't really have an order for favorites. However, Dragon Quest VIII, Persona 3, the Jak, Ratchet, and Sly series, top-down Zelda games, Machinarium, The Witcher 1 and 2, Tales of Legendia, and Mirror's Edge are some games that I hold highly on my list.

Right now I'm pretty much playing though my backlog which includes the Half-Lifes, Monkey Island 2, KoToR, half of Sam & Max season 2 and all of season 3, Rogue Galaxy, Dragon Age, World of Goo, Defense Grid, The Ball, and King's Bounty: The Legend, Armored Princess, and Crossworlds. Oh and there is a lot of League of Legends in between me getting through all of these games.