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As I Admire this Azure Sky and Watch the Brown Leaves Idle By I Can't Help But Think This Would Look Better on the Crysis Engine

As I admire this azure sky and watch the brown leaves idle by I can't help but think this would look better on the Crysis Engine. Think about the number of leaves it could render falling in real-time. I could probably make them swirl up realistically while I rand through them. Why can't real leaves act like the far more interesting CG ones? Lazy. That's what I call it.

Crinkled, aged leaves tumble, sew spidersilk patterns in the air and then sink and scatter. Except unlike the Crysis engine, they don't just vanish after a time. That would be awesome to watch.

I think back to the tall spires and round domes of Italy, the tall scaled hills, running with the wine-leaves and olive branches that rustle in the gold of sunlight, and I keep thinking how I never got to use Bruneleshi's dome of the Museo de Duomo for dynamic cover, never got to see individual flecks of plaster blown away using the Emotion engine, never got to see how it would have looked with more innovated level design, organized with an original gameplay mechanic.

Here though, above the sullen leaves, and on either side, boughs of barren trees stir in a listless Autumn wind, and like aged still men, they await winter in cool silence. Boughs that could really be part of a fully destructible environment and be used for dynamic cover in fully interactive combat sequences or RTEs. Imagine what it would be like to be able to blow off individual limbs and watch them slowly grow back? That would be wicked.

Around me, the grass in tinged with the faint remnants of fresh rain, and the sky hangs like bolts of starling silk, although I could sure see it better with a better adjustable camera system. Sometimes I can hardly see what's around me. FPS is so 2004.

A thrush hobbles and bobs along the tangled net of grass, in a way that would look really cool with more dynamic lighting rendered in real-time. It doesn't make a sound, silent witness to the soft presence of fall, like a gentle arm to sink into, like the breath of my lover, but I really think that it would be better in Dolby Surroundsound. And seriously, it should be singing or some shit because it's just sitting there, fluttering its subtle bristling wings. It takes flight, and lifts and lifts through bands of dappled sunlight that, like I said, would be a lot better with some realistic particle effects and dynamic lens flare.

There are no enemies as I step through this field of Autumn flowers, the soft kiss of wind against my cheek, fingers that ruffle through my hair, not even distant zombies to shoot down with a range of well-differentiated, unique weapons making effective use of a proprietary physics engine. I cannot target individual body parts for massive damage, or see just how many zombies can be rendered in real-time without slowdown. I don't even have a decent menu screen from which to order and arrange my weapons, check stats, and adjust sound and music volume. There really aren't very many settings to adjust in this gentle, Fall air that curls and falls about the placid speck of time, like a startling silver watch of grasses, and branches and the spritely forms of scrambling life with terrible AI.

And don't even get me started on the storyline. What storyline? Seriously, get a clue. It's like nobdoy even spellchecked my life.

The sun cascades from a hot distant light, like an orange hovering in the sky to a warm present glow that descends through finely woven clouds (again, LIGHTING?) as I approach my home. In the windows flash the shapes of fellow people, their bright fingers and scattering busy eyes, their faces emerge from clouded windows to watch stray shadows dance across the long and lonely streets, although I can't blow them away with a well placed MIG shot, or even classic hack and slash mechanics. I'd settle for turn-based RPG gameplay right now, although not too many FMVs, because I've got things to do and who has time to read all that text.

And don't even get me started on match-ups for online Deathmatches and fully co-operative multiplayer. The subtle light of Autumn pretty much sucks.
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