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MvC3: My fightstick (and my failure)

Been a long minute fellas. Due to pressing matters, I have to keep this short and sweet. No pictures or my usual colorful blog skills (or lack there of, depending if you can see or not). As to not fall behind like I did when buying SSF4 ...


The MMO Report gives me a few lolz

Hey peeps. Just say the newest MMO Report on The Feed and even though the MMO news is a little slow lately, they try to survive with a collection of Machinima from WoW and, surprisingly, City of Heroes. Since I fail at embeding anything (...


Happy BDay Ms. Shiranui!!!

No, nothing too special about this post. Just stating the birthday of one of the most badass of busty video game vixens known to exist... and giving my usual SNK shoutouts. Happy Birthday Mai Shiranui... you don't look a day over breasts....


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The Real Me... Somewhat

Name: Rick
Age: Born in October of 78... you do the math!
Location: Federal Way, WA
Occupation: Telecommunications Technician
Why Destructoid? To do stuffs and write things.

Ah, gaming... isn't it wonderful? All these console wars, handhelds being almost as good as last get systems, and PCs running games near lifelike with dual video cards and quad cord processors and whatnot. Thus is why we're here, right? A gaming community gathering to share news of games, gamers, and other things revolving around words starting with "G" and ending with "ames". I kinda see myself as a gaming neutral. I love all 3 current gen consoles for different reasons. But... I guess if I did have to choose a side, yes... I would lean toward Sony's shoulder.

My forte of games rolls around in the area of fighting games and RPGs. I can hold my own in puzzles and racers around the fun level of Mario Kart. My fav fighting game? Just in case you haven't heard me preach it enough times, that would be NeoGeo fighting games... namely the King of Fighter Series. That series has multiple RPG-level storylines and does a near flawless job of combining many characters, both main and minor, into one universe without losing any of their personality. Seeing a fighting game do that just makes my brainmeats happy. Now, I'm not knocking down the great Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, or Soul Caliber (for they are all great games as well), but KoF has elements that I think hardly any other fighting game has while still staying a fighting game. You HAVE to give props to that. Of course, like almost everything Nintendo, Smash Bros is pretty much in a league of its own, and I've given many days of my life playing the hell outta that game with my brothers (unfortunately, I still suck at it).

RPG... I'd have to say that Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean 2 (both PS1) are the top of my list... Final Fantasy III, VII, & XII sharing that spot light. Final Fantasy is a given so I'll spare you the boring descriptions... but both VP and SO2 are RPGs that I have fond memories of... and for the generation of console that those are for I can still go back and play those almost anyday and still have as much fun. Not many RPGs have that replay value.

Anyway, I'll end this off with that. There you go... you know a lot more about me... now go back to staring at my avatar.