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Songs for Gamers Volume IV Update (10/20) *April Fools Joke


EDIT: I'm updating this blog to let people know (since it's no longer April 1st) that this blog post was an April Fools joke. I originally hid it, but I figure it'd be fun to keep around, even though I spoil the "surprise". The first video link is genuine, while the rest link to variations of Guile's Theme.

Good day, friends.

I wanted to share with you my current progress on the Songs for Gamers Volume IV album. I've written 10 of the 20 songs so far, and it seemed like a good place to take a small break. Many of these songs have not been heard yet, as I have been waiting for approval to share, but I think you'll agree that these songs are ready for prime time.

First up, is the song you've already heard, but the rest are brand new:

Onstro (Cosmonstropolis)

MortyMnemonic (Morty)

It's Bardley Just Begun (Bardley)

Bubblegum Enema (BrowneyeWinkin)

Your Headphones are on Backwards (Nanashi)

Leonine Cowboy (Orlion)

Rain Over Midna (SeymourDuncan17)

Ramblings of a Reject Pony (Solar Pony Django)

This Guy Ain't So Scholarly (The Scholarly Gamer)

Hoffmann Hardcore (R. Hoffman)

I'd love to hear your thoughts, criticisms, etc on these pieces. I really enjoy writing music, especially for the community, since it has been so nice to me. I look forward to finishing the album.

As always, thanks for listening.

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