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Sphinx (2020) - Probably my favorite song so far for this new album I'm working on. I've been listening to it over and over instead of writing the rest of the album :P


Peryton (2020) - According to wikipedia, which is where I get all my information, A Peryton is a Stag/Bird hybrid monster. Some of these monsters are subject to change as I dive deeper into the different kinds there are. I want to represent different ones


Strix (2020) - Based on what I can tell, The Strix is an owl type monster. I wrote this piece with kind of a "playful" boss feeling, as if the boss was just messing around with you :P


Alphadeus - Basilisk (2020) - One of 13 battle themes to be written for the next album "City of Monsters", which is part of the Well-Known Stranger story, and takes place after The Divide, when the hero escapes a lab and finds monsters in the city.


Herald (2017) - Written on the 20th anniversary of my father's death. He was a great guy, just kind of wish things didn't happen the way they did. But can't do anything about it now. Happy father's day ^^ Sorry if I sound bummed. I'm not.


I'm down for one of these posts :p


Sweet Treat (2012) - I don't often share music from the first Nonsensicals album. But I've always liked the flow and melody of this song. I'm not sure of the time signature, because each phrase is 4 beats x 3 (12 total). Fairly experimental.


#90stoid A Song from Super Castlevania IV, released in 1991. Music like this helped create who I am, and also influenced the kind of music I would go on to write. Also, I'm not saying I'm old, but I do have my own original music I wrote in 1996 onward >_<


Seven Sins (2020) - My new longest song I wrote for Spectrum II which was released a while back. I mentioned that I was looking for donations to help pay for AC:NH since my bday was 3 days ago. I could still use the help, but I should be fine regardless:)


Hope everyone is doing okay. I'm a year older, and none the wiser :p I basically took the month off from making music to play FFXIV. I'll be back to my musical gig next month assuming animal crossing doesn't take over my life :p Take care.


My 39th birthday is coming up on Friday, the 13th of this week. I was also born on a Friday the 13th. Does that make me the unluckiest person in the world? Probably not :p Anyway here's my wishlist in case you wanna get me something: Animal Crossing! :p


My new album "Spectrum II has been released. 20 tracks. Free to download. Thank you to the people that have purchased it. I get to eat another day ^^ I hope you enjoy it. Only Bump


Hades (2020) - Fun jam I wrote for my next album, Spectrum II. It will have (hopefully) 20 tracks, and these are some of my finest works I believe. I hope you enjoy the music I post :)


Griever (2020) - This song was originally written over 20 years ago. One of the hardest songs to compose, because I originally wrote it after my father died in 1997. Hard to believe that my father has been gone for so long.


Water Effect (2020) - A lot of great things happening in this song. The watery bells in the beginning, the thumping bass line. The "alternating" leads on the left and right channel, and the sax part in the middle. This turned out to be a great song.


The Organization (2018) [Million Million] - Track written for a game project. I especially like this track because it doesn't sound like something I would normally write. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm trying my best to stay positive. Take care.


I'm going to be 39 in March. February 12 is my 20 year anniversary with my GF. I feel like I haven't accomplished much, except for my music. It would mean a lot to me if you would take a listen sometime. It's free.


A Well-Known Stranger (2020) - A classic song redone with neat instruments :p This is probably one of my favorite songs, next to Walking in Circles, and Forest of Dreams. It was written for a game project that was never released.


I did not realize I put so much time into Path of Exile :P It just flies by. But yeah KHIII was probably the only new game I got that I put so many hours into it. It was basically my GOTY I suppose.


I released my 2nd album of the year, CHIPS III. 10 tracks of chiptunes that I think came out wonderfully. I also recommend CHIPS II, and CHIPS is a good listen too if you like NES restrictions.


A Flying Boat (2020) - I know I said I would relax with the music-sharing. But this song is special. It's my 700th original piece of music! A Chiptune Airship theme. I hope to write many more songs in the future of course. Thank you for listening :)


Jar of Souls (2020) - I love writing Chiptunes. Especially when I can modify the formula and add as many instruments as I want. I'm not going to share every song, so if you want, sub to my YouTube?. Thank you.


A Hero Prays (2020) - A song written for my next album "CHIPS III". I doubt anyone remembers, but there was a song called "A Hero Approaches" on the first CHIPS album. This is kind of a sequel, but it's not musically related. Must keep writing :)


My first album of the year (containing tracks from 2019 and 2020) "Ad Lib - Vol. 7, Part 1" has been released. 10 tracks. Free to download. Last and only Bump :p


Devil's Factory (2020) - Happy new year ^^ I wanted to kick this new year off with something highly experimental, even for me :) I hope the song is enjoyable by at least one person :p


2010-2019 was both the best and worst decade of my life. Dealing with disability, but at the same time, I started writing albums of music instead of just songs. I wrote 41 albums this decade, and 2 semi-secret projects. So much good music :)


Merry Christmas! I know I'm a bit late, but it's still technically Christmas on the west coast! :p I wrote this song for the holidays. It's my favorite Christmas song, Sleigh Ride.


Happy holidays! I hope everyone is doing well. The idea of 2020 approaching seems surreal to me, because I wasn't sure I'd live to see 2000. But here we are ^^ What are your plans for the holiday?


My 2019 Switch Stats. I played 4 games total (2 being NES and SNES). Most of my time was spent with Xenoblade 2. The rest was Smash Bros. I plan on putting more time in when Animal Crossing comes out, if I can afford it. More thoughts in comments.


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