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I got my 2nd shot of the pfizer vaccine, and so far, no noticeable side effects. My body seems agreeable with almost all forms of medication. I still plan on doing the stories album, trying to figure out the best angle to treat the album.Will let you know


Alphadeus Cover - The Moon (DuckTales NES) : Someone on a music discord asked for this, and I agreed. It also helps there's a vgm cover comp going on as well :) I really like this song, I hope I didn't totally ruin it for you :p


One of the #BestFightSceneEvertoid 's for me was the fight this music plays for in the Matrix Reloaded (Burly Brawl). The fight was awesome at the time of seeing the movie, but most of all I fucking love this song. It's why I love Orch. + Electronic music


The Brooklyn Night (2021) - Neat track I wrote. I'm going to start working on the Stories idea very soon. Waiting to get my second vaccination, and then I'll see a sleep doctor about why I'm throwing myself out of bed in my sleep. Hope it's not serious.


I'm broke sober, and I'd like to participate in this AMA train, so feel free to ask me anything :) I promise boring answers, probably.


This year, some things have been happening more frequently, and there are new things. I talk in my sleep and "punch" the air while sleeping. I've thrown myself out of bed once, and fell out 2 times. REM sleep disorder seems to be the reason.


Battle of the Gods (2021) - Final song for my last album. I am resting for now, but will start work on my 50th album based on this Blog Post. Comment your short story in that post ^^ Thanks.


I thought I mentioned this in my previous Qpost, but I didn't. This new album makes 49 releases. I want to do something very special for my 50th album. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Thank you. EDIT: Got the idea. Please wait for my long blog post


New album "Ad Lib - Vol. 8, Part 1" has been released. 10 tracks, free to download. This one has a lot more orchestrated music than my previous albums :) Battle of the Gods is a banger!


The Death Seeker (2021): Experiment in combining distorted guitars with my new favorite orchestra. Next step is to go full circle and use my orchestra with my signature synth melodies :)


Onslaught (2021) - One of hopefully many orchestrated tracks down the line :) Meant to play during a brutal battle.


A Lovely Day (2021) - Happy birthday Occams :) I wrote this for you, using my finest piano and Stradivari cello sound. You mean the world to me, and I hope you have a wonderful day.


This is my current lock screen wallpaper. The home screen is just a boring green one that came with the phone.


The Armada (2021) - Probably the first official song using the new orchestra components I picked up. Writing orchestral music seems to be harder, because it requires more instruments :P


Sentenced to Mist (TEST Intro): Thanks to the stimulus, I've come across a sweet collection of new sounds. I'm learning them now, and I created this intro in the meantime. Please let me know what you think.


Possibly the cover for conundrum and bass 3? I don't know, but look at that fucking face :p #caturday


My brother helped me get my hands on a new orchestra before the sale ends (My stimulus is running late), and it might not seem like a big deal, but listen to this small test I made :p


Thank you for the birthday wishes. It means a lot, and this year I've gotten more than I've gotten in the past few years combined from all over social media, discord, and such. I was in a bad mindset when I wrote my long blog. I apologize and will sta


Conundrum and Bass 2 is available on Spotify and other music streaming services. It would mean the world to me if you would listen. Consider it a bday present :p


I'd take a picture of my physical Switch game collection, but the camera lens on my iphone is cracked. Just imagine a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and you're good to go :p My other games are digital, but I can't afford most games. even on sale.


Hero Sandwich King (2018) - This is/was Gizmo. She passed away unexpectedly and suddenly in August of 2016. I wrote an album of DnB for her. She gave us 11 wonderful years. Very Loving cat. I'm working on an album for our current cat Maya #Caturday


Intermission Complete (2021) - Written for Conundrum and Bass 2. Not much to say about this track. It was a lot of fun to write.


Majestic Forest (2021) - Written for a friendly discord competition (write a song in less than 48 hours). Video is currently unlisted. I wrote a song about what I imagine to be a beautiful forest. So that makes it video game music :p


I Scream Sunday (2021) - First song for the next album "Conundrum and Bass 2". Featuring our kitty Maya on the cover.


I released a new album called "Ascension". 10 tracks. Free to download. A little more personal song choices this time around. Golden Rings was written for my father. Great sounding music. Bump


Problem at Hand (2021) : I apologize for posting many songs in a row. I'm extremely proud of this one, and assuming I don't write any more bangers, I'll take a break :p First time I used a Guitar strum instrument. A bit tricky to use.


Augmented Reality (2021) - Something neat I wrote using chiptune leads (and electronic instruments). Fun song, not much else going on for it :p


Sides of the Coin (2021) - Bit of an experiment. That's not me playing the piano, those are samples that I reversed some sections of. Any day I get to use a muted trumpet is a good day for me :p


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