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My 24" inch LG monitor (that my brother donated to me) is starting to act up. It blacks out every now and then for a few seconds, which makes it unusable. I now need to save up for a new monitor, thankfully, they aren't too expensive. ^^ 2nd LG monitor...


I might write a long blog describing the story, but I wanted to let you know I released a fake game soundtrack called Magic Coins. 38 tracks, many of them over 20 years old (redone).


Consumed by Power -Final Battle 2- (2019) - The final battle between the hero and the villain. I might write a long blog discussing the story behind the music. This theme is based on my song "Dance of Insanity". Modified to be more interesting.


The Dark War -Large Scale Battle- (2019) - A favorite of mine from the 2002-2003 era of writing music. It alternates between 6/4 and 5/4 time signatures. It's really fun to play on the piano, too. This version was sequenced by hand/mouse note by note.


Primortis -Boss- (2019) - I'm raving about this one on Twitter. I really like how it came out compared to the original. It's probably my favorite boss theme (not counting Songs for Gamers boss themes). I've written 25 songs in 18 days. Good month ^^


Destroy All Machines -Battle- (2019) : Brand new battle song written for my story/RPG idea where I'm rewriting all the old themes for :) I wanted to write something new, with lots of chord changes and such.


The Great World -Overworld- (2019) - This might actually be one of my first attempts at writing an overworld theme. It's based on the main melody of the "game". I probably wrote songs that could be OW songs in songs for gamers, but I'm not using them :P


Enemy Attack!! -Battle- (2019) : This is probably one of the first "non-specific" battle themes I ever wrote. As in not for a particular character or scene. The original song was really short, so I added a second part. Hope it's okay ^^


Title Screen (2019) - Tentative title. I decided to rewrite most of my old works into a fake RPG. Whatever the title of the "game" is, will be the name of this track. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears ^^ Happy New Year!


I 100%'ed World of Light in Smash Bros. Ultimate. It came down to 1 SPIRIT (99.87% or so), which took me a long time to locate on the map. Did I have fun? Absolutely for the most part. Some spirits were a bit frustrating to defeat. This was on normal.


Merry Christmas ^^ Just wanted to let you know that I've been really digging into Smash Bros Ultimate. What's the best way to play with friends? Switch doesn't seem to have a way to message people on the platform. Do I just start a room and hope it works?


I have received the Switch, and I'm ready to Smash ^^ I can't thank you guys enough. My Switch Friend Code is : SW-6961-1703-4217


Law, Whiskey and Coke (LawofTD) (2011) - This was the 1st song in the Songs for Gamers project that really clicked, and made me realize this was going to be a great project. Thank you so much for making my holiday. I'm good on donations ^^ Happy holidays!


Engage! (2017) - Battle song written for the game project Raptor Lancer. One of my favorites. I hope everyone is having a good day.


I released a new album of music called "Ad Lib - Volume 5". It is 12 tracks. As always, free to download ^^ Thank you.


The Great Battle in the Sky (2018) - I want to thank Mike and the community for thinking of me. Smash is a series I am very close to since the N64 days. It connects me and my girlfriend (Kirby and Meta Knight :p) and is one of our favorite series. Thanks.


I'm really happy to hear so many people are enjoying the new Smash Bros. game. Unfortunately since I don't have a Switch, I can't play along :( I'd offer to write music commissions to help pay for one, but I don't think there's an interest in that.


Solar Flare (2018) - My GF bought me a new expansion pack for one of my favorite music programs :) So I writes this song today. I actually wrote 3 songs today, but this one is the coolest probably :p


All I want for Christmas is Super Audio Cart :p I need 16-bit instruments in my arsenal :) I hope everyone is doing well. Have a wonderful month, and then a happy new year.


Unpopular Opinion?: I'm happy with BLU in FFXIV. I'm glad it starts at level 1, and don't mind the 50 cap. I know what it's like (from FFXI) to be treated poorly for missing spells. I wouldn't want it to start at 50/60, with spells pre-learned via quests


I just wanted to thank the 100+ people that gave me permission to write them a theme song. It has really helped me grow as a composer, and I feel confident in my ability to write music. It means a lot that you took the time to listen to my creations.


Night Tunnel Vision (2018) - The final song for Conundrum and Bass, released a few weeks ago. I'm posting it now because I don't remember if I shared it yet :P I think the album is great.


Today was fun. I spent at least an hour looking for the last room in Symphony of the Night to get full map trophy. Turns out the room was in the very beginning of the game X%20. The time was spent comparing a complete map to mine. I love SotN though :p


I'm gonna be honest. I've written over 600 unique original songs. Some of the songs are potentially garbage, and maybe your first experience with my music was one of those songs, and it put you off from listening to more. What can I do to fix that? :/


Reception to my new album Conundrum and Bass has been better than expected. Looks like 5 people downloaded the album. I'm proud of this one, almost as proud as Universe of Dreams :p


New Album: Conundrum and Bass is available now for free. Cat on the cover is Gizmo. She used to be our cat before she passed away in 2016. I figure this is a tribute album to her. Bump.


Hero Sandwich King (2018) - Because I can name a song anything I feel like! It doesn't have to make sense :p Nothing makes sense in this crazy world. I hope everyone is doing okay.


Piano Mankind (2018) - Third song on the upcoming album. I'm not sure if I shared the name of the album by accident. Trying to keep it a secret :p The songs are supposed to be fast-paced, 170-175bpm drum and bass tracks with my synth style.


Shooting Starship (2018) - Last October, I tried to write a song every day for the month. I made it to the 20th before I gave up (Spectrum was the album). I'm going to try again this month, but the first part of the month will have a themed album.


Uematsu is the main reason I got into composing music. I loved video game music growing up (NES, SNES, Genesis, etc), and hearing his work on the Final Fantasy series inspired me to pick up an instrument. Dancing Mad is my favorite song of all time.


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