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My new album "Spectrum II has been released. 20 tracks. Free to download. Thank you to the people that have purchased it. I get to eat another day ^^ I hope you enjoy it. Only Bump


Hades (2020) - Fun jam I wrote for my next album, Spectrum II. It will have (hopefully) 20 tracks, and these are some of my finest works I believe. I hope you enjoy the music I post :)


Griever (2020) - This song was originally written over 20 years ago. One of the hardest songs to compose, because I originally wrote it after my father died in 1997. Hard to believe that my father has been gone for so long.


Water Effect (2020) - A lot of great things happening in this song. The watery bells in the beginning, the thumping bass line. The "alternating" leads on the left and right channel, and the sax part in the middle. This turned out to be a great song.


The Organization (2018) [Million Million] - Track written for a game project. I especially like this track because it doesn't sound like something I would normally write. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm trying my best to stay positive. Take care.


I'm going to be 39 in March. February 12 is my 20 year anniversary with my GF. I feel like I haven't accomplished much, except for my music. It would mean a lot to me if you would take a listen sometime. It's free.


A Well-Known Stranger (2020) - A classic song redone with neat instruments :p This is probably one of my favorite songs, next to Walking in Circles, and Forest of Dreams. It was written for a game project that was never released.


I did not realize I put so much time into Path of Exile :P It just flies by. But yeah KHIII was probably the only new game I got that I put so many hours into it. It was basically my GOTY I suppose.


I released my 2nd album of the year, CHIPS III. 10 tracks of chiptunes that I think came out wonderfully. I also recommend CHIPS II, and CHIPS is a good listen too if you like NES restrictions.


A Flying Boat (2020) - I know I said I would relax with the music-sharing. But this song is special. It's my 700th original piece of music! A Chiptune Airship theme. I hope to write many more songs in the future of course. Thank you for listening :)


Jar of Souls (2020) - I love writing Chiptunes. Especially when I can modify the formula and add as many instruments as I want. I'm not going to share every song, so if you want, sub to my YouTube?. Thank you.


A Hero Prays (2020) - A song written for my next album "CHIPS III". I doubt anyone remembers, but there was a song called "A Hero Approaches" on the first CHIPS album. This is kind of a sequel, but it's not musically related. Must keep writing :)


My first album of the year (containing tracks from 2019 and 2020) "Ad Lib - Vol. 7, Part 1" has been released. 10 tracks. Free to download. Last and only Bump :p


Devil's Factory (2020) - Happy new year ^^ I wanted to kick this new year off with something highly experimental, even for me :) I hope the song is enjoyable by at least one person :p


2010-2019 was both the best and worst decade of my life. Dealing with disability, but at the same time, I started writing albums of music instead of just songs. I wrote 41 albums this decade, and 2 semi-secret projects. So much good music :)


Merry Christmas! I know I'm a bit late, but it's still technically Christmas on the west coast! :p I wrote this song for the holidays. It's my favorite Christmas song, Sleigh Ride.


Happy holidays! I hope everyone is doing well. The idea of 2020 approaching seems surreal to me, because I wasn't sure I'd live to see 2000. But here we are ^^ What are your plans for the holiday?


My 2019 Switch Stats. I played 4 games total (2 being NES and SNES). Most of my time was spent with Xenoblade 2. The rest was Smash Bros. I plan on putting more time in when Animal Crossing comes out, if I can afford it. More thoughts in comments.


Songs for Gamers was a project I created to try to make friends, and give back to the community. I feel it has mostly succeeded. But at the same time, over the years, friendships have died out, and the songs become reminders of the negative relationships


Re: Previous post - I'm back, wasn't gone for long. I moved to a new place on Nov 9th and it has been stressful. I was thinking about writing a "10 year blog" because I started working on my first album in 2009. I've released over 40 so far. Take care.


Been a while since I posted. Will probably be a while before i can post again. Just wanted to say thanks for all the positive vibes over the years. Nothing bad going on in my life, I’ve just been dealing with some things. Take care.


Countdown (2019) - This is a remake of an older song. The idea is that the song's time signature goes down from 4/4 (8/8? I'm not 100% sure I know what I'm doing) to 7/4, 6/4, and then 5/4. I hope you enjoy it. Also feel free to Ask me Anything :p


Hello friends ^^ I released a new album of music, Ad Lib - Vol. 6, Part 2. 10 Tracks, free to download of course. Some of the tracks I really enjoyed making, not that I don't enjoy it :P


Out of Control (2019) - New song I wrote today. Having a little fun with making music. Making music should be fun. I tried not to repeat myself too much in this piece, it has many sections. I hope you enjoy it :)


I'm not in any sort of financial danger, but money is going to be tight once we move in November. If you like my music, please consider buying an album ^^ Bandcamp. Or DL for free :) please don't downvote me :( :p


Vanguard (2019) - Hi guys. Sorry I haven't posted in a long while. FFXIV Shadowbringers took up the majority of my time. I had a blast, such an amazing expansion that will most likely get better with each patch. I wrote a new song too ^^ Enjoy.


My 40th album "Madness" has been released. 10 tracks. Free to download. Songs are based on the darker thoughts and aspects of my mind. Songs are a bit longer than usual, too. I hope you enjoy. Bump


Paranoia (2019) - Newest song for the album "Madness", which dives into darker aspects of my mind. Paranoia plagues me all the time, whether I'm thinking friends are not friends, or my GF is cheating on me, to stupid bullshit like flies in my drink.


Forgotten (2019) - For my upcoming album called "Madness" that deals with some of the dark thoughts that go through my head. This song is written for the fear of losing loved ones, and then forgetting parts about them. Such as what they look like.


Unstable (2019) - Trying to tackle a project I've wanted to do for probably 4-5 years now. It's called "Madness". Each track is supposed to represent a different aspect of the negative side of my mind.


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