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Music Blog - My "No-to-Low View" Songs.


Hi. I'm trying to write a blog I think might be interesting. At first, I was going to write a long blog about my oldest material, but it was too time-consuming. I was then going to write one about my top ten favorite tracks, but it didn't work out either.

So I'm going through my YouTube videos, and looking for the least heard songs that I think maybe should get a couple listens if possible. I will not link to Piano Journals, or songs from Songs for Gamers, since I know those get views elsewhere. I will try to link to older songs that maybe went under the radar, because I never promoted them. I don't know how many I'm going to list, but I'll try not to list complete crap :p

1) Breed (2011) : This song is on the Walking in Circles album. I put it on there as a bonus track. It might come into play later on in the AD Infinitum story, but for now, it pretty much goes unheard. 0 views on YouTube, but I'm sure some people have heard it if they picked up the album on Bandcamp. It's an "alien" song with a "House M.D theme" feel.

2) Everything I've Learned (Classic) : I wrote this song a long time ago, probably 2002-2004. It was a literal title, using bits of some of my earliest piano journals combined to make a full song, hence, "Everything I've Learned". (2007 Version)

3) Golden Rings (Arranged - Classic) : This is one of the songs I wrote for my father after he passed away. It's meant to be a positive song. The title is something my grandmother mentioned about my father's eyes having golden rings around them.

4) Relaxin' (Version 1 - Classic) : Not much to say about this one. Very simple, pretty piece. Meant to play during a scene in a game where a character is relaxing on a beach.

5) Lair of the Gypsy (Classic) : This is probably one of my oldest songs, going back to 1997 or 1998. It's incredibly fun to play, although I think the title might be considered offensive :P If I ever redo it, I'll consider changing the title.

6) Oh! The Drama! (Classic) : This song was an experiment with writing music only using the piano roll (as in I did not perform a single note in the song). It goes through a couple of phases, and sounds like something you'd need 2 pianists to perform properly, if at all possible.

7) Synergy (2010) : This song is a rearrangement of another not-so-viewed song, Battle With Syn (Classic). Battle with Syn is the first song I composed using piano roll exclusively. It pretty much changed how I write music. I was no longer restricted by my physical piano limitations.

There are so many songs on my YouTube channel, that it'd be impossible to share them all. At this point, I'd like to write about the playlists I've made to hopefully make things easier. There are album playlists, but it'd be easier to use my Bandcamp for those.

If you're interested in hearing my earliest works, or maybe something a bit more recent that wasn't on an album (or an older version of a song that was) check out these playlists:

MIDI Collection : These are my absolute oldest songs, before I knew what piano roll was. I recorded each instrument myself using the keyboard. Stuff like fast drums, I would slow down the piece of music, play the drums to the best of my ability, and speed the song up to normal speed. They're very sloppy, but I think there are some great tunes in there, and this is how I got started.

Well shit, I never made playlists for older songs it looks like. That sucks. I'll have to work on that, instead, I'll link you to the Destructoid April Fools Album. Because I like to humilate myself.

In the meantime, I suppose you can dig back in my video section and check out some of the older tracks if you want. There are hundreds of "videos" on my YouTube, so I understand if you dont. I hope you enjoy some of my older works!

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