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Remembering Toonami!

Note: This is my first post on Destructoid, which in itself, is a repost from, where I'm popular at...Don't throw tomatoes at me!...Well, I want to be part of this Jim Sterling dominated community, so let this introductory p...


About Alpha Unitone of us since 8:20 PM on 03.20.2012

I'm just a humble little gamer born in the in decade of the 90's. Ever since I first touched my N64, I've become a gamer that will stand by moral, honesty, and awesomeness. When I was little, I had a strong bias towards anything Nintendo, but I have an Xbox 360 and a PSP with a PS3 possibly on the way.

My favorite games are still platformers, the best games ever in my opinion are The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Super Mario Sunshine, but I also like anything by Valve, Halo, Street Fighter, Dragon Quest, and Pokemon. I hate most new RPGs even though I love handheld RPGs.

And uh... That's me. Careful though, I sometimes like to "prank" others on occasion.