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Mass Effect 3's Extended Endings and Bioware

**Spoilers Ahoy!** Otherwise known as, 'Oh yes, let's stir up that hornet's nest again!' If you're a gamer and haven't been living under a rock, then you are probably well aware of the insanity that ensued over ME3's ending. Fans were li...


When Gaming becomes a Chore.

After a long and busy day at the office, I wanted nothing more than to come home and relax. I settled down at my computer, turned it on, and began to mentally run down a list of games I could play. NWN2, Tera, Swtor, another run through Dra...


So, I started to play Neverwinter Nights 2.

Having just finished Dragon Age 2 for the tenth time (yes - I know people hate this game. However, I enjoy it for what it is). I decided I wanted a more robust PC RPG. After poking around and doing some research (read: check forums), I nar...


Five Incredibly Creepy Video Games

Horror games are a favorite of mine. I love the atmosphere they create and the games they can play with your mind. Below I've listed some of my top five creepy games. This was a tough list to compile, but I think it's on point. Also, just a...


Hype: Any MMORPG Ever

I hate MMORPGs. That is the first time I have ever admitted it, but it feels good to finally do so, as I've known it to be true for awhile now. Yet, despite this, that knowledge never stops me from falling absolutely head over heels in love...


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