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I'm completely outnumbered. In the generation of "FML's" and malicious and blood-thirsty fanboys, I find myself consistently outnumbered on my views of the entertainment industry and it's creative products. While going through the motions...


About Allen Crutchone of us since 11:17 AM on 01.24.2012

Busting up tropes and boundaries like a cowboy galloping away into a sunrise, I'm the Lead Writer and Narrative Designer for a video game publishing company. Working hand-in-hand with our developers I structure and create the narrative for all of our story-driven titles. For the sake of my own opinion not reflecting the company I work for, all names (titles, dev studios and the publisher who inks my checks) will be exempt from my profile.

This also goes for any opinions I may carry for the titles I scribe for.

There. Now lend a subjective ear to my rants and retorts to the industry and products we surround our free time with...even if we have took a train, a taxi and a sick-day to get that free time.