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Mac App Store: First Impressions

So this morning, Apple released OS X v10.6.6 and with it came the Mac App Store. Does it have what it takes to give Steam a run for its money?

Disclaimer: I'm not at my home computer, so I'm not going to buy anything now, just look around, and see what's available.

The Mac App store has more than just games, as does the iOS store: iWork, iLife, Evernote and other productive programs are there. But I'm just going to go over the games at this point.

If you own an iOS device, the Mac App store is a familiar place: Featured items, Top Charts, etc. There are some familiar games, like Flight Control and (of course) Angry Birds. Something that did catch my eye: LEGO Harry Potter, which has been a "Games for Windows" title, which usually means it's exclusive to that platform. Steam has the Windows version, but not the Mac version.

Looking for familiar Steam games, I find Bejeweled 3, Peggle and Peggle Nights, Osmos and And Yet It Moves. Notably absent: Electronic Arts, which has been a long time seller of games on iOS devices.

While there isn't a ton to find on the store at the moment, it was just released, and I'm sure thousands of games and other apps will find their way to the Mac App Store soon.

Does Valve have anything to worry about? Possibly, but not just yet. For one thing: I haven't found any evidence of cloud support yet, which is what I love about Steam (with games like Torchlight, and PvZ).

Shameless plug: I hope to have a more in depth review of the Mac App store on my website: www.blackrabbitsociety.net.
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