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10 Things You Didn't Know About The Bearded Scotsman

(EDIT: now with kittens)Everyone else is doing it, and for a change, so am I!

10. My mum got me into gaming: no seriously, she worked as a computer programmer for an insurance company after she left university. A few years after I was born, she bought a Commodore 64 (the brown one) and spent quite a considerable amount of time playing text adventures, specifically the Fellowship of the Rings and the Hobbit ones that were big at the time. I used the C64 to play stuff like the Dizzy games, Booty (a pirate game, not... you know) and my favourite Paperboy.

09. I met my wife through Deus Ex: I talked about it briefly in an article I did for monthly musings a while back ago. I mean, my wife is more of a hardcore gamer than I am; she's played Everquest, WOW and Ultima Online a shitload, plus she'll devote hours to playing a game she really likes. When she was mad into Oblivion, she was up early and playing it for 10 hours straight, she was the same with Fable and Mass Effect. She's been mixing with community types for the new Star Wars MMO that Bioware is doing, trying to setup a guild before the game is even out. Which saves me the bother. She also writes a lot of gaming fan fiction, which she won't let me read, but here's the link anyway. She'll kill me for posting this...

08. I don't own a PS3: but I want one: if it wasn't for the price (you thought they were expensive, the prices in Australia are terrible), I'd be getting one quick smart. There's only so many RROD's you can put up with and the games library is starting to look really good. Plus there's the entry level Blu-Ray and a few of my mates (and my dad actually) have set them up as media servers which is pretty cool. Really want to play MGS4, Uncharted and there's plenty of PSN games that look really good.

07. I've been writing a music blog for over two years: it's been having a rest over the last few months. It began as a simple diary thing, but then it moved onto writing about music, not so much as a criticism thing, more like just writing about stuff I like. Incidentally I popped my i-tunes cherry today and bought albums by Devotkcha, Guided By Voices, Fucked Up and LCD Soundsystem. I should really tell my wife that the credit card might get a hemorrhaging. There's links to my blog and my Last FM page on the right.

06. I'm a serious vodka fiend: seriously, get me a bottle of Finlandia or Absolut and you've made me a happy man. Been trying to get a hold of some Smirnoff Black label for a while too. One of my favourite bars in Scotland was Bar Kohl, a superb vodka bar that had 99 flavours of vodka. They served a mean white russian. Favourite vodka coktail? S.E.X. - vodka/orange/peach schanpps/lemonade; man it goes down so easily it's scary. I drank an entire pitcher of this one, plus a pitcher of vodka/Red-bull on my 22nd birthday and was quite worse for wear.

05. I have a dog called Okami: ok, yes I know the wolf in the game isn't called Okami, but I can legitimately blame the with for this one. She's the one that named her, mainly because she was made into that game when she got the puppy. Oh yes, she went and bought her but didn't tell me about it. Hmmm.... We've also got a 12 week old kitten called Tic-tac.

My wife Anna and Okami, when she was a little puppy:

04. I had a cblog posting promoted to the front page: seriously, I was surprised as anyone. I usually write up cbolg postings before going to bed at night. Being in Australia and not having Internet access at work means that I'm not able to visit Destructoid until almost 24 hours later. A pleasant surprise and it was really nice to see that everyone liked what I wrote.

03. I like movies, but I'm pretty picky with what I watch; I like sci-fi, film noir, martial-arts flicks and Asian horror romps. Oh and zombie movies, but then again so does everyone. My favourite movie of all time is the Big Lebowski, which has become almost a religion to me and my friends, hence us all converting to Dudism. "He thinks the carpet pissers did it?"

02. I got into comics instead of going to university: I failed a couple of modules in my first year at uni, so instead of moving onto the second year, I had to resit the modules and pass the exams to progress. I couldn't be bothered, realising that I'd made a bad choice. But I still took the train into Glasgow to at least maintain the appearance of going to uni, but I basically went to the big Borders bookstore in the city, and got a bunch of graphic novels and sat there and read them all morning. I got into Sandman first, then Preacher and Transmetropolitan and then the floodgates opened. I've now got a real big stack of graphic novels that were recently shipped over from Scotland, meaning I need to get a big bookcase. I love anything by Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis and Brian Wood.

01. First game I ever bought? Super Mario Brothers 3, which I bought with my brother after we both scrapped up all our Christmas cash together one year. Last game I got? I bought No More Heroes on the Wii and Ninja Gaiden for the DS in a buy 1 get 1 free offer. What am I looking forward to? Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Crossing, Borderlands, Madworld, Dragon's Age, Heavy Rain and what the next Mario game is going to be.

EDIT: just realised I've got a video of our new kitten:

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