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Thanksgiving Eve Fights - Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (I've got dibs on Cammy edition)


Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (PS3) came out last night and I've been playing it all day. I forgot how horrible I was at SSFII (just ask Y0J1MB0). I've been messing around in training mode and I think I've gotten a little better. I'm not doing anything eventful tonight so If you're up for the challenge join me at 9:00PM EST. Who knows, maybe we can get a little dtoid tourney going. I need some more practice either way.

If you don't already have me on my friends list my PSN is Alexradl, just add me so I can invite you. Who needs Thanksgiving Eve when you could be hanging out with Alexradl playing SSFII? Before you tell me Cammy sucks, I've gotten pretty good with her, and she's a pretty easy character to learn so she's perfect for me. Hopefully the servers aren't fucked up like they were this morning. Every time I joined a match it would disconnect me.

Anyway, leave you're PSN below if you want to play

Try not to gain too much weight tomorrow

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