DeS: New features announced for FIFA 19

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Been gaming since the Tiger Electronics games, didn't get serious till the PSX: finally good racing games, there is a limit to how much you can play with Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 and Jaguar XJ220.
I learnt English thanks to a summer of Final Fantasy 7.
My collection of Dead or Alive games is not complete, but still quite good: I'm missing the Saturn one, DoA2: Hardcore, that chinese online only one and Paradise for PSP (35 euro on the PSN? COME ON!). Also, the arcade ones due to budget and space issues :D So far my favorite one is DoA Dimension for the 3DS. I have also seen the movie, and it's not too bad. Not too much DoA in it, but still a good action flick. About that, I also watch videogame movies! The trick is to accept them for what they are (usually action movies) and to ignore as much as possible the connection with the game. That way you can enjoy both Van Damme's Street Fighter and Mark Whalberg's Max Payne, for example. Nothing can save Mortal Kombat movies so far, sadly. Hell, even Doom is a nice way to spend an evening! But maybe in that case it's because I enjoy movies with The Rock, lol.