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Worst Countries in the World to be a Gamer

Games are basically meant to cheer you up whenever bored or tired from a days work. Games are a form of entertainment loved by every kid on the block not leaving out the adults. But contrary to the fact that games are loved and should be almost given out free itís quite a challenge to get the latest game that has been launched in the market. Its so crazy how games too have been taken into much consideration and that a good game comes with a price. Nowadays though games can be accessed through the phone, one must download from the internet which also comes at its own price. Not all games are compatible with the phones we use.

Not all countries in the world offer their citizens with great games easily. These games come with heavy prices and the fans have to get them at high prices or wait until are absorbed into the market with other illegal dealers .Other challenges exposed when getting games include failure of release of consoles and old fashioned out-of-touch local attitudes towards adult game content. The people have negative attitudes towards adult content, which possibly is not immoral but seems a way to input immoral ideas into the gamers mind.

Worst Country in terms of Pricing

Price factor has become an important issue to the gamers. We have countries that sell games at an affordable price while others suffer a lot from high prices. Here is information of how the pricing of these games are set and how it works.
It is logic for gamers to consider buying many games that are cheap than when sold at a high price. Research has shown when games totally go for free many are bought. The price which is fair and cheap a gamer will purchase in huge quantities since he is spending less. When prices are set a bit high then not many gamers go for those games which gives them hell and reason of staying in those countries. Gamers end up asking questions if itís really logic why some games are quite expensive is it that they are scarier or technology used is more complicated? Such are the questions they need to address to their countries.

Due to many questions that arose a research was done on how different countries are pricing their games. seven countries have been rated .Australia has turned out to be the most expensive at an average cost of $92.00 per game, followed by New Zealand with $87.93 , Japan $73.20,UK $63.60,EU $57.63 and Canada $48.98. Unbelievably, the USA cost is $38.33 making it the most favorable country for gamers.

†From this pricing we can tell which gamers are basically happy with the prices they are being offered and those that are totally screwed. Gamers in America are lucky and can purchase games much cheaper at an affordable price therefore purchase in large quantities. No doubt every gamer will move to USA. Gamers from Australia are extremely unhappy with their country for setting high prices.

Worst Countries in Terms of Console Release Dates

Gamers keep up to date with the latest games that have been released, launching dates to be in the front line to get the names of the best games, unique features installed and to actually know the price for the games. To do this you have to get a machine to use to know what the latest news is for you as a gamer. The machine enables you to play games more conveniently anywhere anytime you feel like. The customized computer machine system produces a video display signal which you can use with a display device, a television or your desktop monitor to display.

Other countries launch their console machines by hosting big bash. These events for console releases are always awaited eagerly for by funs and they dress up just to usher in new machines for gaming. In some it comes and goes very seasonal not very much appreciated. They take long periods to get to launch new console machines for the gamers to use. For many companies have continuously failed to keep it as a routine to hook up new console while gamers are watching their move. They might release new machines then gamers will be forced to wait for another 5 or more years for another release. This lag has resulted to some companies being kicked out of the industry.
While others are kicked out the regularly console launches have continued to benefit from this industry since gamers do not hesitate to flood the launch not just to check them out but also buy. From this release gamers have a choice to make when buying the modern or outdated machines and those that will suit the games they buy.


Some of the countries that got kicked out of consoles for a long time include Argentina, Chile etc. with the PS3 consoles Argentina was kicked out after two years of the initial launch, Chile after two and a half years, Indonesia ,Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines range after 3 years† and brazil after 4 years since the release of 2006.


The Wii console is fit for 4 player party style games with everyone in the same room.† With the release of Wii console machines in November 2006† Argentina, south Korea, Taiwan were kicked out slightly after one and a half years of its launch, Fiji and Hong Kong after 2-3 years of initial launch.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 console following its release in November 2005.Russia was kicked out after one and half years of initial launch,Peru, United Arab Emirates,Nigeria and Turkey† 2-3 years after initial launch while Seychelles survived up to four and half years.
From this research, gamers have an opportunity to choose from which countries they would love to be in. for instance East and South America countries are the best choice since they are known to work regularly to release new console machines. These countries have made efforts to ensure gamers are constantly getting new games comfortably using their console.

Gaming Countries that have it worst for censorship

Games are meant to induce some fun and make every gamer cheer up again. We have games with different age ratings. Kids have their own game content same applies to adult. Games that are meant for only small kids may include less scary and fun content while adult content games tend to be a bit scary and dangerous in the capacity they can handle.†

Consumers make their own free choice and remain accountable for the kind of media they want to consume. Let the experience get a grip of the experience from the games they choose then from there no whether to scrap such games in the market completely. In the world of gaming, censorship is a fast rising, yet negative factor in some countries. Though some countries have completely scrapped out censorship on games some still continue to initiate it. Reasons due to banning are very ridiculous according to the gamers.


This is a country that has enhanced censorship from the year 2010.the ban was initiated on games whose main purpose is to shoot the people. People saw the games as a tool that would create and increase the crime rate in the country and not just a game that kids play for fun. These games were totally banned and became Illegal in Venezuela. No doubt the game inventers lost a huge investment with the passing of this bill.
The censorship bill was highly supported by the government, which gave strong reasons for the passing of the bill.

From the citizens that live in Venezuela most will confirm that the law of censorship is basically not adhered to by all game sellers though they are aware of the ban. Some shops are selling the video games at their own risk but at a slightly high price.†


This country has also experienced the worst of the censorship bill though it is quite appreciated because violence is on the increase as per now. The country thought wise to ban on games that promote and insight violence among the society.


Australia is another country where censorship has been initiated on all the video games with ratings that falls beyond a 15 rating. This was due to the failure not rating most of the video games above 18.This will prevent small kids being sold video games with adult content. Australia has given a gap to publishers to be able to get previously banned games unbanned after that date 2013 as the 2011 period has slipped.
Among the above countries, Australia suffers a lot. Australia is the worst place to be for a gamer due to the high prices charged especially during the launch of new games in the market. They just donít have to come up with the high prices but also the ban on some interesting games.†

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