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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Review


Divinity: Original Sin 2 Well for starters there's the early access which is a warning sign for any game. But this game so far has been getting frequent updates promised to be around every month? Which is good but the game is still in the first act and it seems that right now they are just doing bug fixes and combat changes (Most recent update states that they added "Turtle knockdown" We've been needing that thanks!)

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Review

The features in game include Character creation, Crafting, and Choices,First let me explain the "Character Creation"  It's not too in depth but it's got some ok features like Hairstyles, Hair Color, Skin Color, Race, And Faces, Now there are a good amount of choices for hair about 15 in total. Now for crafting! The crafting systems ok (I never got into it) But from the looks of it and it can be pretty useful (A quick way to make a health potion or resistance potion without spending cash) That's about it for crafting. Now for choices! Pretty much They're just deciding wether you fight someone or not, or just lowering your reputation with someone that's pretty much it. Now to get onto combat! I think Divinity has the best turn based combat in the genre it's what got me into it.

There can be sometimes bugs with a spell or your AP, but the worst thing with the combat is the random difficulty spikes say you're doing a quest then an enemy appears And they spam poison, stuns, fear, burning, that happened to me a lot during my first playthrough to the point where I gave up for a few days but I went back and beat them which I'm guessing means there will be a grind for levels? Now for the story! As of right now there is only one act open meaning the story is incomplete but there is still about 15 hours in the first act alone then there's going back through the game with friends plot is kind of all over the place but the main point is your character is important to people in high places *wink*.

Ok so now for the multiplayer I have had few to no bugs while playing with my  friends, they are app developers famous games but I had one game breaking glitch where we all selected ready after creating our characters and the game just said waiting to fix all we to do was change hosts but still that shouldn't happen. To end it all I'd give it an 8/10 given it's current state when finished I'd give it most likely a 10/10    

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