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Initiation Station - Who am I?


The eyes should be blue, the nose smaller, he's smiling too much, he looks way too old with this haircut. You have to look young and strong, avatar! Maybe I could deform my character on purpose and make him look like an ugly demon because this is Demon's Souls and I feel like he would fit more in that world? I have no idea what name to give my character......2 hours later, still nothing. Didn't start the game yet.

I have this love/hate relationship with character creation for pretty much any games. It feels more personal when you can create your own sure, but having that freedom always makes me wonder "what if I had chosen differently?". I restarted so many times in Skyrim and Phantasy Star Online just for the sake of looking a bit better, to feel more satisfied with my personal creation. And that is just for looks. When there is also a list of classes to choose from, I spend pretty much the first week trying them all out. I finally confirm the character is complete, the game starts, 3 hours in and I begin having doubts with the color on my character's armor, or his hairstyle, or his face. I approach a wall and turn the camera around so I can have a closer look at my character. When I am finally happy with my creation, I feel so free.

Maybe I could write down all my favorite names so I don't have to stare at the screen and wonder for 30 minutes what name I should choose, but I decided I would stop thinking about it too much and just pick names randomly. Spent too much time on those name generators. I've tried so hard to find the best names, but in the end it doesn't even matter.

I am currently playing Disgaea and I just choose the first names to comes to mind when I create my pupils. Barry the Brawler, Hank the Warrior, Stella the Mage, etc.

It feels better that way.

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