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Opinion - Remove Unlockable Difficulties

Hello Destructoids! With my recent completion of the new Zelda installment, "A Link Between Worlds", I was reminded how much I dislike the idea of an unlockable difficulty after you have completed a game. I feel like this trend has become...


Top 5 Game Breaking Bugs

You just bought an amazing new game. You blaze home in your run down car and try to not slip over the ice on the driveway as you make your way to the door. You tear off that overcoat and rip into the shrink wrap like there's no tomorrow. ...


Is Pokemon meant for children only?

With the recent release of Game Freak's newest Pokemon installment, X/Y, I see this statement posed frequently. Although the phrase is often said by griefers and bridge dwellers, is it completely without merit? What are their reasons and...


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