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First Infested Planet Patch

Welcome to the first ever Infested Planet Patch Day! This one’s mostly about housekeeping. If the game works for you and everything’s great then this one doesn’t matter too much. Some of you have been having problems, so I’ve bee...


Infested Planet Hits Beta

The beta is finally here. You don't have to read about me playing the game, you can do it yourself! Anyone who preorders the game instantly gets in on the beta. Think of Infested Planet kind of like Starship Troopers: The Game. You ta...


Infested Planet Beta Soon!

Big news guys! I announced Infested Planet a year ago, not suspecting how much work was ahead of me. I thought that I could get it all done in 3 months – hah! Well, that journey is almost over. On June 21st you will be able to play the g...


Let's Play Infested Planet!

Welcome to the first Infested Planet battle report. This is the story of a random game that I played yesterday. I decided to play at "Master" level, to make things interesting. I've taken lots of juicy screenshots to illustrate what happ...


Infested Planet Relaunch

I'm back from hibernation everyone! For those of you who didn't read the previous posts, this blog is where I talk about my upcoming game "Infested Planet". I took a bit of a break, because I was busy working on the game. Now the game is...


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I'm an independent game developer in Vancouver, Canada. My mission is to take over the world, one game at a time.

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