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Dreamcasts. I haz them

I got 2 more Dreamcasts. Wooohoo .. And I finally got a copy of Sonic Adventure.. i really love that game ;) So which one is going to be my bitch ..


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Here is my little power machine with my little crappy notebook: PC: Intel Pentium Quad Core (2,4ghz) 2gb DDR II Ram (bad ones) old x800 All in Wonder (which is not really support by vista, which sucks) G15 Keyboard, Mx1000 Mouse (which ...


Yet another Hellgate:London Beta Competition!

Hey guys.. here you can just win another hellgate:london beta account creation link, since i got one today but played the game before (a friend got the preorder, a beta key, played it, didnt like it, i played it, think its suxx and will con...


I am living the Dream again!

Finally i got my hands on this nice set. 13 Games (no cases but no illegal games ;) ) 2 dreamcasts (all cables) 3 controllers 3 memory cards 1 rumble pack Keyboard + Mouse ECCO THE DOLPHIN HERE I COME! :D


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