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A New Contributor for Dtoid Approaches

Hello everyone! I'm Alessandro, and one of the new contributors at Destructoid. I'm a native of the San Francisco Bay Area (I'm not calling it the San Jose Bay Area), and I've loved video games for as long as i can remember.

I grew up playing video games with my parents, we'd all crowd around the T.V. watching one of us go at it with Super Marios Bros. on the NES. Eventually we moved on to the SNES, Genesis, and the N64, but by then my folks started to get less interested in them once they became more and more complicated. But not me, i was just getting started. Me and my other siblings would save up our allowance to buy new games. Eventually we bought Super Mario RPG for the SNES. At the time we had no idea what the hell this game was. Jumping on an enemy takes you to this whole separate battle screen, taking turns to attack, numbers flying up on screen. We were all left very confused and just tossed the game aside as we went back to playing other, more familiar games. But after reading some magazine articles about it sometime after, I quickly went back to it and stuck with it. And I'm really glad i did. It's still an incredibly charming and quirky game, and it's still among my favorite games to this day.

I always like to keep up on the latest news and gossip from the Games Industry. This first started when I saw an episode of Gamespot TV on ZDTV (which eventually became part of G4) back in the late 90's. Obviously, this was a televised version of Gamespot's online content, but it was also Adam Sessler's first show with videogames. After learning a game called Final Fantasy VII (it's funny how this game is the gateway to hardcore gaming for so many people), i took to using a fairly new resource at the time called THE INTERNET, and tried to find out as much info as i could about it and any other games like it. And being an 11-12 year old at the time with too much time on his hands, I was glued to it. From then on, i grew up visiting GameFAQs messages boards, Shoryuken, NeoGAF, and then eventually I made my way here.

But enough of my backstory, lets talk about my favorite games. I like to consider myself a major action game junkie; so a number of my favorite games are of the action variety. The original Devil May Cry still holds a place in my heart, and it's probably still the best game in the series. In fact, let me take a moment to talk about the creator of the game.

You see this guy? He's a genius and he's awesome. This is Hideki Kamiya and he's been on a hot streak of great games. His first title as director was Resident Evil 2, and he's also the creator of Viewtiful Joe and Bayonetta. He's now at Platinum Games, they've been doing a stellar job with all their new releases.

I still fancy myself an RPG fan, but I've seen my tastes move away from Japanese titles to the Western ones. I'm still a fan of the Final Fantasy series, even though the last title was a bit disappointing.

Recently, I've been alternating between Fallout New Vegas and Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3. I've always loved the DW/Musuo series since getting DW2 on the PS2. Is it repetitive? Yes. Does it artificially lengthen the game's content by reusing the same environments and have a large number of characters that really aren't that different from each other? Yup. But is it fun wiping out waves of enemies and soldiers with your fully decked out character? Absolutely! Plus, I liked Gundam when I younger, so there's that.

So yeah, that's me. I'd like to thank everyone at Destructoid for the opportunity to write for the site. I'm only a couple weeks in and it's already been a fun and enriching experience. Just before getting hired I was just like you guys. Reading all the great articles, posting comments, and watching all their video content. And now I'm now writing for them. That's pretty cool.

Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to interacting with you all!
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