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Call of Juarez Limited Edition is very sweet

I have to say the recent announcement of a handful of Western games hasn't exactly pushed my buttons, but hey I'm all for giving them a fair shot. And with a limited edition collector's pack like this, Call of Juarez 2 may have become more ...


Valve remedies achievement woes

Last week, when the last Team Fortress 2 update came out, it had a fairly mixed response. One the one hand the un-linking of achievements from the unlockable weapons was a good thing, meaning players no longer had to trudge through difficul...


Zero Punctuation reviews Duke Nukem Forever

But hark I hear you say! "Duke Nukem Forever hasn't been released and probably never will, sob sob". True, but it turns out Yahtzee's review is a quite clever 0bit of satire on the dismay of 3D Realms closing. Turns out DukeNukem Forever ...


DJ Shadow on DJ Hero

You know it's a funny old world when parodies come eerily close to the truth. I've seen a load of different Guitar Hero parodies. I've seen Bagpipe Hero, Cowbell Hero, Accordion Hero but strangely no Kazoo hero? The "Hero" tag can seeming...


EA to dump SecuRom for Dragons Age

In what is a fairly remarkable turn around, Bioware have announced that the upcoming Bioware RPG Dragons Age: Origins will ship without SercuRom, just a simple disc check (a la Fallout 3). “We’re happy to announce that the boxed/retail P...


Left 4 Dead's Survival mode impressions

"Us. I mean, we know we're gonna die, right? So we're the living dead" George Romero, on the what the Living Dead are. The fact that Left 4 Dead's only big update so far has only added a solitary new mode, the unlocking of two existing l...


Shortblog: Braid coming to Steam March 31

I mean, that's all there is to say right. Apart from well done to all those of us who waited to get the game until it was available on Steam.... well there's still a month to go. Anyway, there will be support for achievements and the steam ...


A Meme Too Far? More 4-name gamer shirts

A while back some enterprising sods came up with the, I thought, rather charming "Bill, Francis, Louis & Zoe" shirt, which was a rip on an existing Beatles idea. Now there's some more designs available. Here's the Resident Evil one, ruining...


Gabe Newell's keynote at DICE 2009

This completely slipped me by, but Gabe Newell gave the keynote speech at DICE 2009 yesterday. The speech was liveblogged over at G4TV which I've only just finished reading (damm time difference). Now this post may fall into one of those ...


More Dead Space Wii details

It's strange, but as I start to write this I feel that for some reason I have to defend Dead Space. Which is weird because as well as I think the game was, it's been targeted in the whole Resi 5 control kerfuffle over the last few weeks, ...


An undiscussed reason for piracy?

Piracy is a tough thing to actually write about. I actually wrote half this posting, then junked the whole thing. Now that's not uncommon for me, I usually succumb to my usual crippling self-doubt and just think what I've written is shit ...


Braid coming to the PC in March

Now I know most of you have alredy played this already, unless of course you don't actually own an X-Box 360 or you're one of those massively snobby PC fanboys who think platform games are for children.... but Braid is apparently coming o...


Reviews Aren't Broken; We Are

[Disclaimer: I've been writing this whilst trying to watch Golgo 13, starring Sony Chiba: damm it's cool] I've been looking at comments and reaction to the Flower review (and others) and I've read see agreements and disagreements with what...


[NVGR]Thai martial arts flicks anyone?

I know this is going to make me sound like a complete knob, but I'm much more likely to watch a "foreign film" than pretty much of what comes out of Hollywood. Sure, I loved the Dark Knight and so on, but after another lacklustre year of Ho...


[email protected]*# Yeah Hamza!

In honour of our benevelant dictator/shark-man, here's some sharks. 'cos Hamza really fucking loves sharks.... Pics from Fuck Yeah Sharks!. I was at Sydney Aquarium a few days ago and caught some pretty awesome shark footage on m...


Shortblog: Look Around You looks at gaming

Boing Boing's gaming offshoot, Offworld posted a video from one of my favourite shows Look Around You. For those of you that haven't seen it, it's a parody of all the later 1970's - early 80's science shows, that let you get a sneak peak at...


Fallout 3 music on i-tunes

One thing I do like, but don't own enough of, is game soundtracks. In fact the only ones I own are the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack on CD, the Vice City and San Andreas boxsets, and the Bioshock score and music on download. Well thanks...


Shortblog: some more Left 4 Dead DLC details

Not much to really write up a big post about, but Kotaku have some scant details about the forthcoming Left 4 Dead extra content. The only really confirmed thing is that the remaining two levels will be available in Versus mode. At last! Th...


A Time To Destroy: The End of Deus Ex

[Disclaimer: I'm going to be talking about the end of Deus Ex, so obviously there will be spoilers. D'uh! And yes, I'm aware I go on about Deus Ex a lot...] Deus Ex was one of the first games I played that offered me alternate endings; r...


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