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My Hopes For Deus Ex Human Revolution

So now that the new trailer is out for Deus Ex 3, I thought I'd put out some ideas and thoughts on what the 3rd game in the series can learn from the previous two. Keep Your Options Open I've mentioned before that the Deus Ex games had ...


Mass Effect 2 finished

So I finished Mass Effect 2, just over a week after buying it. I like it, I really do. It's left me ready for Mass Effect 3 and really excited at the possibility of more games set in the Mass Effect universe. Bigger And Better I really ...


Fort Frolic Revisited

With the sequel released in a few days , I've been playing Bioshock on the PC after buying it on the Steam sale.. That's even after I completed it twice on the X-box 360. Why? Well for starters I Bioshock has become one of those special gam...


Happy New Year y'all

With 2009 now past,and seeing how I'm the only semi-sober Australian based Dtoider near a computer and my bottle of Suntory vodka is slowly emptying, it seems fitting to look back briefly at 2009, before realising that 2010 could be even ...


My GOTY? You might be surprised....

One of the problems I find with end of year polls, is that most of the time I can't remember what actually came out this year. In other media, like film or music, it's maybe a bit easier to associate releases with the seasons or time of the...


Merry Christmas: a musical interlude

Merry Christmas to all my fellow dtoiders! Hope you all have a good one and are showered with good games, or at least buy shitloads of cheap ones off Steam (which is what I did).... and now! Music! The Flaming Lips - Christmas At The Zoo ...


Dead Space Revisited

[Contains plot spoilers. Like really fucking big ones. Either don't read this, or read the article but don't bitch how I spoiled the story for you] With the announcement of Dead Space 2, I thought I'd post some thoughts about the original ...


Is the tide turning against Steam?

Over the last few weeks, there seems to have been a shift in the tides of popularity of people's opinions of Vavle and Steam. For a while, it's seemed that both Valve as a developer and owner of Steam have seemed almost impervious to crit...


Hey Tripwire, you're doing DLC wrong!

Whilst the argument rages as to whether we're getting value for money or getting plain screwed when it comes to DLC, it seems Tripwire have a really strange way of releasing DLC. Tripwire are of course the developers of Killing Floor (which...


Dragon Age: Origins will be coming to Steam

We're well into the silly season of gaming (as I like to call it ), too many games and probably not enough cash or time to enjoy them all (so why I'm writing this and not playing Brutal Legend is beyond me). With Borderlands and Left 4 Dead...


Charlie Brooker Gameswipe [vids]

So, Screenwipe star and all round funny bastard Charlie Brooker made his own videogame show. It's rather funny and features some good guest spots and you should watch it now before the BBC get it yanked off Youtube!


Happy Birthday Y0j1mbo!!

If you don't know who Y0j1mbo is, then shame on you. He has been Destructoid's resident old git for for as long as I've been hanging out here. From organising the PS3 FNF to writing some pretty excellent blog articles. He's the founder of t...


Amazing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Cosplay

Wow. I have to be honest, cosplay has never really interested me as a part of a videogame lifestyle. But those pesky Russians sure know how to step it up a couple of notches. This website has some amazing photos of a large group of cospla...


MDK now on Steam!! [shortblog]

I was thinking about writing an article about MDK for the current Monthly Musing, but to be honest my memory of the game is a little foggy. But hey, now's the chance to play both MDK and it's sequel! Both are available on Steam now, either...


Left 4 Dead or Killing Floor?

With it's recent price-cut, Killing Floor is quite literally making a killing..... ok, so no more puns. Killing Floor was released at the start of the year, and despite being in the shadow of Left 4 Dead, it's still a top-quality zombie sh...


What I want to see in a special edition

What I want to see in a special edition Ok, with the Night-Vision goggle set for Modern Warfare, we've officially gotten into crazy territory here (anyone else feel weird typing goggles. I feel I should be typing Google). Special Collector...


I Suck At Finishing Games

This is something that niggles me almost everyday when I log into my PC and look at my Steam Games list.... I suck at finishing games, plain and simple. I'd like to think that I'm a patient man and not easily distracted, but when I look ...


Left 4 Dead 2 Soon?

The rumour of a possible sequel to Left 4 Dead has gotten me thinking about the actual likely-hood of seeing a follow-up to Valve's top quality co-op zombie shooter. Does it need a sequel? The straight answer is no. It's stating the obvious...


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