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A week of offline woes

So over the last six days, I've been in the surprisingly warm, north east coast of Scotland helping my parents moving some items out of my grandparent's old house. My grandmother passed away a few years ago and we've moving some large items...


EPIC games vs apps

So just a few days ago, EPIC games president Mike Capps claimed that mobile app gaming is going to affect the next generation of console games in a negative way: ďIím more worried that you can get a really good 99 cent game that occupies y...


A Re-introuction to me - Ali D (that rhymes!)

So now that Iíve gotten a couple of posts under my belt, I thought Iíd re-introduce myself, as of course youíre all wondering who that handsome, monochrome man is that scowling at you from the top of some PC news on the frontpage. In my pas...


E3 Approaches: Treading Water

[Disclaimer: I wrote most of this last week without having internet access in my house, and only getting videogame news via my phone. By now quite a bit of what I've written about is either incorrect or been revealed, but I'm putting it up ...


Aaamaazing: Rapture Revealed

Iíll be the first to admit, Iím a videogame news junkie; even when it comes to either titles or systems I donít own. Part of the downside of this is that Iím often not surprised when I actually play a game because thereís a nagging feeling ...


Happy Hamzahah!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's all look to the seas and wish our part man, part-shark, all badass Community manager a very happy birthday!


Tips on how to beat your backlog*

*thatís not a euphanism So this year, Iíve decided to make a concentrated effort to play more games and significantly reduce my backlog of games. Now moving from Australia back to Scotland has meant that my X-box 360 collection has shrunk ...


Groundhog Day - GTA: Vice City

It takes something special for me to return to a game; considering I actually finish so few of them, having a game I will play more than once is actually a rarity. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a game Iíve completed on numerous occasions, ...


My Games Of The Year

So 2010 has almost passed, which is a relief. Itís been a year of highs (going to PAX in September and meeting my Dtoid buddies for the first time and having an awesome time) to agonising lows (upheaval in my personal life). As such, gaming...


Ali D's (late) PAX loving post!

Even when I received my pass in the post, I still couldnít believe I was actually going to PAX. I felt something would go wrong; like Iíd be turned away from US Customs for having a beard or something. So after saying bye to my mum and dad,...


I love Valve but this seems slightly shady

Stop me if youíve heard this one before: thereís a co-op, top down shooter available on Steam. You blast some aliens and itís been developed from a Unreal Tournament mod. Yes, itís Alien Breed: Impact, which was released in June on Steam. ...


My prayers have been answered [shortblog]

A few months ago, I posted a cblog about how I doubted that Dead Rising 2 was ever going to get released in AustraliaWell, incredibly Games are reporting that Dead Rising 2 will be released in Australia, uncut with an MA15+ rating, w...


Look What Came In The Mail

There was a package on my desk at home when I got back from work. Strange. Let's have a look: No rattling noises, no ticking and no vibrating. That's a relief. Ah, it's from Destructoid, so it must be legit: Alright, let's open the fu...


My Hopes For Deus Ex Human Revolution

So now that the new trailer is out for Deus Ex 3, I thought I'd put out some ideas and thoughts on what the 3rd game in the series can learn from the previous two. Keep Your Options Open I've mentioned before that the Deus Ex games had ...


Mass Effect 2 finished

So I finished Mass Effect 2, just over a week after buying it. I like it, I really do. It's left me ready for Mass Effect 3 and really excited at the possibility of more games set in the Mass Effect universe. Bigger And Better I really ...


Fort Frolic Revisited

With the sequel released in a few days , I've been playing Bioshock on the PC after buying it on the Steam sale.. That's even after I completed it twice on the X-box 360. Why? Well for starters I Bioshock has become one of those special gam...


Happy New Year y'all

With 2009 now past,and seeing how I'm the only semi-sober Australian based Dtoider near a computer and my bottle of Suntory vodka is slowly emptying, it seems fitting to look back briefly at 2009, before realising that 2010 could be even ...


My GOTY? You might be surprised....

One of the problems I find with end of year polls, is that most of the time I can't remember what actually came out this year. In other media, like film or music, it's maybe a bit easier to associate releases with the seasons or time of the...


Merry Christmas: a musical interlude

Merry Christmas to all my fellow dtoiders! Hope you all have a good one and are showered with good games, or at least buy shitloads of cheap ones off Steam (which is what I did).... and now! Music! The Flaming Lips - Christmas At The Zoo ...


Dead Space Revisited

[Contains plot spoilers. Like really fucking big ones. Either don't read this, or read the article but don't bitch how I spoiled the story for you] With the announcement of Dead Space 2, I thought I'd post some thoughts about the original ...


Is the tide turning against Steam?

Over the last few weeks, there seems to have been a shift in the tides of popularity of people's opinions of Vavle and Steam. For a while, it's seemed that both Valve as a developer and owner of Steam have seemed almost impervious to crit...


Hey Tripwire, you're doing DLC wrong!

Whilst the argument rages as to whether we're getting value for money or getting plain screwed when it comes to DLC, it seems Tripwire have a really strange way of releasing DLC. Tripwire are of course the developers of Killing Floor (which...


Dragon Age: Origins will be coming to Steam

We're well into the silly season of gaming (as I like to call it ), too many games and probably not enough cash or time to enjoy them all (so why I'm writing this and not playing Brutal Legend is beyond me). With Borderlands and Left 4 Dead...


Charlie Brooker Gameswipe [vids]

So, Screenwipe star and all round funny bastard Charlie Brooker made his own videogame show. It's rather funny and features some good guest spots and you should watch it now before the BBC get it yanked off Youtube!


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