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Ending an Ending: You Don't Have to go Home, but...

(SPOILER ALERT: There are a lot of Lost spoilers. If you haven't seen the Lost finale, and you care about that sort of thing, move right along. As always, this is the only warning.) Not too long ago, I wrote about ending something that i...


[NVGR] My Past Resignations

Hopefully you got the title reference before clicking into this entry. I love me some Dave Grohl. I always work under the assumption that no one reads this blog. Everything I write is stuff that I am personally interested in, and puttin...


You can't handle the truth!

I'm not particularly good at re-sizing, and I couldn't find an image with decent dimensions. Sorry. Let's face it, everyone: the most popular game on the Xbox 360 isn't actually a game. If you look at your list of friends at any point o...


Ending an Exposition: A Somewhat Game Related Post

After finishing off a season of a popular television show, I decide to contemplate endings for awhile. I tie it into video games so I don't feel like I'm totally wasting my time. I don't know how to end this intro. SPOILER WARNING! I ha...


Fooding the Food: A look at food in video games

I am incredibly hungry, with no food to actually eat. I want to make an entry that's actually about video games. So here: have a blog about food in video games. Someone please feed me. FOOD. Food in video games is a pretty weird subjec...


Breaking the Stereotype: Sports

In part one of a weekly (OH GOD WHY AM I DOING THIS) look at the culture I'm surrounded by, I attempt to offer a reason to try some things you might not normally try. My first topic? Sports.... Before we begin, I'd like to clear some thi...


Nostalgia: So Much Better in Hindsight

Remember all those good times playing Galaga? First game of Frogger? That first playthrough of Final Fantasy 7? So do game devs, and they're going to get you to spend money on those memories. Now, the instant reaction for most people wh...


PAX East: Hurry up and wait in line

Before I begin, I feel it necessary to throw a disclaimer on this post: I had a really, really good time at PAX East. It was a fun (but tiring) three days of a real gaming convention that happened in my backyard, which is rare when you liv...


Oh...um...hi there.

Whew, this is awkward. There you are, no idea who I am, and here I am. I registered an account on this here site, and suddenly everything is more awkward. I guess I should introduce myself? I'm not very good at these internet introducti...


About Alakaiserone of us since 1:32 PM on 03.15.2010

The name's Tom. I used to work as an industry guy, and am currently on the hunt for my next paying gig. In the meantime, I'm working on a bunch of different projects that don't help me pay my bills. I write a lot. I'm a musician, although certainly not of the professional variety. I like trying new things and meeting new people. I'm still somewhat new around Destructoid, so sorry in advance if I don't know something I probably should.

About my blog:

I update daily (not really, but I like to pretend). Generally, my updates get pretty long-winded, but hopefully not to the point where they're unreadable. I'll wax poetic about whatever's on my mind, like current events in my life, things that are happening in the video games I like, or whatever happens to pop in my head that day. With a few exceptions, I write my entries the same day I publish them, so they're pretty fresh content-wise. It also might help explain the occasional typos. I do my best to avoid any errors, though.

About my work:

I worked at Harmonix Music Systems as a tester on a year's worth of DLC, The Beatles: Rock Band, Lego Rock Band, and Rock Band Network. Feel free to ask me questions about it, but remember: I'm still under NDA. Also, if you know of a job opening, please tell me about it. I'm flexible.

About my contact info:

Want to collaborate with me on something, big or small, related to the site or not? I'd love to. I like working on any project that I'm even remotely capable of working on, and would love to help you in whatever way I can. Feel free to PM me here, or otherwise send me an email at alakaiser(at)gmail(period)com. Even if you don't want to work with me on something, I'd love to just chat. I'm a pretty friendly guy!

What happened to that thing you did? You know, that one thing?:

I wrote an article that ended up getting promoted to the front page of the site, which is pretty damn cool. It removes it from my cblog archive, though, so I'm throwing a link in this here sidebar for the sake of an archive (and in case I lose the link myself).

The Great Escape: One Foot in Reality