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About Alaelone of us since 7:23 PM on 11.14.2007

Hello! I´ve been reading Dtoid for a while, but just recently I decided to join this amazing group!

A bit about myself... My name is Eduardo, I´m 28, Brazilian and living in Rio de Janeiro right now. I have a degree in Medicine and I´m taking Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging as my specialty.

I joined the gaming world when my dad gave me an Atari 2600 plus Pac-Man, River Raid and Pitfall. Well, after 20 years and 7 consoles later (Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Mega Drive, N64, PSone and PS2) I´m still playing those "children toys" ;)

This Christmas Santa is bringing me a Wii plus a bunch of games, even Gamecube ones!

And no, I don´t think the PC is a gaming machine at all (you can flame me as much as you want, Crysis fanboys!)


Favorite games by genre:

- RPG: Chrono Trigger
- Side scroller: Mega Man X
- Adventure: Sam & Max Hit the Road
- Fighting: Marvel x Capcom 2
- Flight Sim: Ace Combat 6
- Racing sim: Gran Turismo 4
- City sim: Civilization IV
- Tactics: Disgaea
- Sports: does chess count as one?
- Survival horror: Resident Evil 1
- Extreme action: Onimusha 3
- FPS: Duke Nukem (I swear, just for the jokes...)
- MMORPG: none, EVER!


Favorite books:

- The Warlord Chronicles (Bernard Cornwell)
- A Batalha do Apocalipse (Eduardo Spohr)
- The Lord of the Rings (J.R.R. Tolkien)
- The Grail Quest (Bernard Cornwell)
- The Saxon Stories (Bernard Cornwell)
- The Neverending Story (Michael Ende)


Favorite animes by genre:

- Mecha: Macross Plus
- Fighting: Rurounin Kenshin
- Mystery: Ghost Hunt
- Movie: Macross - Do You Remember Love
- Romantic: Fushigi Yuugi
- Fantasy: Magic Knight Rayearth
- Comedy: School Rumble


Favorite movies by genre:

- Sci-fi: Star Wars / Back to the Future (tough choice!)
- Drama: Schindler´s List
- Comedy: Clerks II
- Horror: The Exorcist
- Romantic: Romeo and Juliet (the original)
- Action: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
- Fantasy: The Neverending Story
- Fighting: Karate Kid
- Medieval: Braveheart / The Lord of the Rings (again, tough choice...)
- Non-anime 2D animation: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
- 3D animation: FF7 Advent Children


Favorite music by genre:

Rock´n´Roll: Elvis Presley
Heavy Metal: Iron Maiden
New Age: Enya
Classical: any soprano female vocal
Power Metal: Rhapsody
Rap: Gabriel, O Pensador
Rock: Queen
Pop: Madonna