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About AkodoRyuone of us since 2:30 AM on 07.10.2010

So, I'm basically your everyday no-life :)
I'm a gamer since the age of 6, now I'm 25. Started on something called Rambo (I believe it was some kind of Atari console) with 1943 or 1942, and since it's hard to tell them apart, I don't really remember :)
I basically like all kind of games: been playing browser-based games, been playing MMO yada yada. . I pretty much like increasing numeric values in all kind of things.

What am I playing now?
Mostly RDR now. And some PSN games. All on PS3 obviously.

Yea, I'm not good at talking about myself, I know :)
PSN ID:AkodoRyu
Steam ID:akodoryu


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