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Groundhog Day: A FFVII Tale

Sitting in my room I watch the train race along the tracks. Familiar music is pumping through the little PsP speakers, but it doesnít matter. I feel excited as Iím starting up another new game. Itís been over a decade and Iím still hooked p...


Hello, If I May Share a Few Thoughts

As I sit here listening to Weezer at midnight I cannot but sit here and think about the past couple of days thatís happened to me and the ways that has progressed for me. Originally there was a suggestion made to me that for my first C-blog...


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Hello there, I am Nanashi. I'm a twenty-five general run-of-the-mill artist living in Philly. While going to school I play video games and draw in my free time. I remember when I was a small child and owning the old NES with my older brother. Neither of us were hardcore video game players then. Over the years we gained more Nintendo consoles, and only branched off when I got a PSone. Since then I've been playing my games myself in stead of just watching others play.

I'm a friend, a fur, a punk, opinionated, but always open minded. Always an ear open to hear new ideas.

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