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The Dtoid Pokemon Community!

UPDATE: We have moved to a newer shinier blog!  Check it out here.

With the release of Pokemon X and Y, I've been connecting with a lot more of my fellow Dtoiders, and have exchanged a few friend codes.  I have noticed a problem though.  While X and Y have improved online features, it is almost impossible to communicate properly on there.  I figured I would help us out and try and organize everything here in this blog.

If any of you want to trade and battle with other Dtoiders, please add your FC in the comments section and I will add it into the blog for easy access.  Feel free to use the comments section to communicate with others.  KeithTheGeek also reminded me that there is a Safari Zone that you can go to after you beat the game, and you can catch more Pokemon depending on how many friends you have registered.  So add all of us and I'll see you in Kalos!

Edit: By the way guys, when you add your friend codes, please leave your Pokemon name so I can put it off to the side.  That way we can tell who from Dtoid we are playing with, cause I kind of forget who wants to trade with me and all of that.

2nd Edit: We are getting quite a lot more codes, so it's easy to lose track of who we are adding.  A few of us having been doing this, but when you add someone, you should probably let them know, so they know to add you back.  Thanks guys!  I hope that this group is really helping you guys out.

Friend Codes:

Aaron K Stone: 3952-6995-3809 (Aaron)

Adrian Leigh Gordon: 3969-4674-7274

Agidyne64: 4682-9482-2113 (Tyler)

Air Sylph: 1864-9772-8264 (Sylfang)

amg0D: 3926-4962-0562 (Dogma)

Androp: 0834-1234-9804 (Eva)

Brad Abard: 5198-2629-0348 (Abard)

Ced: 0946-2504-4967 (Zedd)

crackedbat: 1633-4277-3240

CripplerJones: 5043-1254-7033 (Perry)

darkeyes43: 2191-7714-7436 (Ace)

DasGaus: 0834-1048-5511 (Das Gaus)

DreamingRevenge: 2492-5207-5709

DriftedPlanet: 2750-2064-6470 (Im hornay) (<--He did it for the lulz)

dr scoobie: 2750-1820-6108 (Requests that you reply to him first)

Edd Strid: 2148-8291-3586 (Edd)

Golden Avenger: 3067-4855-2228 (Wes)

Hosse: 1848-1837-6344 (Hosse)

Ian: 1676-4205-4795 (Idog127)

IDKHTB: 0318-7266-8438

jasondm300: 5069-3965-0763 (Jason)

KeithTheGeek: 5026-4475-8239 (Brandon)

Lady Rainicorn: 2423-2580-7207 (HD)

LegendPenguin: 0173-1296-0517 (Penguin)

LegoFan: 1075-0732-3172 (Dan)

molamolacolacake: 4854-7093-7671 (Sadie)

Nekrosys: 0173-1493-1963 (Dennis)

Oceanicus: 2105-8899-0137 (Salvador)

randombullseye: 2509-2160-9894 (Bullseye)

retrop: 2122-5573-1580 (Retrop)

Seta Soujiro: 1693-1029-2523 (Seta)

Shadowsigma: 1461-6214-2239 (Sigma)

Terance Pickles: 5257-9972-5062 (Terance)

TheCiderMan: 3540 0107 9963 (Xavier)

TheQuantumCat: 2664-2190-9530 (Allison)

ura93: 5429-7882-2011 (Ura)

UsurpMyProse: 2380-3598-3764 (Duke Silver)

Violentmantis: 0001-3353-1224 (Chris)

Hopefully if we get enough people connected we can start a Dtoid Pokemon Tournament!  I'm looking forward to battling and trading with all of you!
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