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My 7th Generation: Rocking through the Consoles

I wrote a blog just the other day about part of my 7th Generation, but that was more of a focus on how video games influenced my life as a whole.  This blog will be entirely focused on my experiences throughout the 7th generation and some of the memories that I had.

This generation I was fortunate enough to have experienced both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.  Not only that, but I had both consoles in their shining moments.  I had the 360 in the prime of Halo 3, GTA, and the Summer of Arcade.  I became a PS3 owner around the time of the PS3 Slim (the first one) and Sony's onslaught of amazing exclusive titles and indie games.  I'm gonna give you all an overview of my experience with some games that I spent a lot of time with this generation.  First, our opening act...

Rock Band

Rock Band was my first experience with the Xbox 360.  I played it for hours upon hours with my friends and even developed my singing and drumming abilities through it.  I remember the day it came out my friends and I were stuck in class preparing for a trip to Washington later in the month.  I barely listening.  I was too excited to get home and play Rock Band.  My friends and I stole the living room, ripped open the box, and tried to piece together that damn drum set the best we could.  The first thing we played was Say It Ain't So by Weezer.  I played the guitar while my other friends struggled their way through the song with the unfamiliar drum set and singing mechanics.  Evenings like that became a regular part of my life for a few years.  Family would even join in on songs that they loved, and it seemed to bring us all together.

Halo 3

You know those middle school kids that called you hurtful names and wouldn't stop talking over the mic in Halo?  Yeah I wasn't one of those kids.  In fact I was pretty bad at Halo and FPS games in general, a trend that still continues to this day.  But I still played it because my friends were, and we had a great time.  What I remember most from Halo 3 was Forge mode.  Legos were my favorite thing as a kid, so it was really cool being able to create things with the mapmaker.  Of course I realized that everything I made was shit, so I found a website that would let me download really cool maps that people had made.  I would show my friends what I found, and we would have some really cool moments.  We played maps that were created completely diagonally, which really messes with your head.  We played a recreation of the Darth Maul battle in Star Wars episode one, which was loads of fun, and of course we played Griffball.  LOTS of Griffball.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was one of my most played games of the PS2 generation, there was so much to do and it was easy to get lost in the city.  GTA IV gave me a similar feeling even with the smaller city.  I found so many cool areas just from walking around the city.  One of my favorite things to do was hide in a warehouse that stored soda pop.  I would jack my wanted level up sky high, then hide in the back, letting cops pile into the building.  An epic gunfight would then take place, the cops and I running for cover behind cardboard boxes full of carbonated beverages.  The bullets would fly, and the soda would crack open and spill all over the floor, mixing in with the blood of the battle.  That was my favorite part about fighting here.  The soda pouring out of the bottles.  It was a level of detail that I hadn't seen in games.  I had never been able to interact with the environment like that.

Then there was the online mode, which luckily has returned with smoothed out features in GTA V.  I would run around in free mode with my friends just dicking around, jumping over anything we could jump over in our stolen taxis.  I remember making custom game modes in the multiplayer, such as Team Deathmatch on Liberty Island with nothing but ROCKET LAUNCHERS.  Pure chaos.

Castle Crashers

Oh man Castle Crashers.  This game was my introduction into the world of indie games.  Just like the past 3 games mentioned, I played this for what seemed like days on end.  I got several characters up to Level 99, and got my hands on every weapon and animal orb I could find.  This was a great game to play with my Rock Band buddies once we got tired of standing and rocking out.  We would just relax and enjoy riding defecating deers.  Castle Crashers has shown me to keep an eye out for small indie games, because sometimes they can provide you with a lot more entertainment than your standard $60 AAA title.

Those were all good times, but they were put to an abrupt end by the dreaded Red Ring of Death.

After losing my 360, I went back to the PS2, where I found Persona 3 and 4.  That's a topic that will be explored later, because I could go on forever about those games.

Fastforward to the end of 2010, we finally got a PS3, because by that point it wasn't $600.

Our PS3 came bundled with LittleBigPlanet and inFamous.  I quickly learned that LBP wasn't really my thing, so I played inFamous until my eyes hurt.


inFamous was actually the first PS3/360 game that I played in HD.  Didn't have an HDTV when I had an Xbox, so this HD world was all new for me.  inFamous was pretty good, I knew it had flaws, but it was the only game that I had for a long time.  I did everything I could.  I collected tons of Blast Shards, and did all of the side missions, and played through the game both as the Hero and as the Anti-Hero.

Uncharted 2

With the PS3 I was able to enjoy a lot more single player games than I could on the 360.  Especially Uncharted.  This game guys.  It felt like I was played every action scene from every action movie ever.  It was thrilling from start to finish.

The trend of fun single player games continued as I discovered Assassin's Creed II, Mass Effect, Arkham City, and others.  This generation was filled to the brim with great games, and I have had some amazing moments with this generation.  This is the generation that I basically grew up it.  I went from a middle schooler with an Xbox to a College student with a PS3 and a healthy collection of games to show for it.  I've grown up, and so has my taste in games.  Thanks to Castle Crashers and the crazy weird stuff that Sony puts out, I've expanded my horizons and have let myself experience so many cool games like Limbo, Journey, and 3D Dot Game Heroes.  

What a ride.  so many memories, so many games, and so much time spent on the couch staring at the light of the TV.  Here's hoping for more memories, more great games, and more time spent looking at that TV to escape to somewhere new and exciting.
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