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EA Doesn't support the Official 360 Racing Wheel (Or any for that matter)


I had just recieved my copy of Burnout: Paradise from Gamefly when it occured to me; hey I spent a significant chunk of change on a novelty 360 controller for just this purpose! So I do what any god fearing american would do (God Bless the USA!) and I load up this smash fest with said device. Things are going along fine until I try to navigate the world map in a race. What the fuck? I can't move the cursor or zoom in or out! Ok, so there's more to this game than races.

With my lackluster racing career over before it started I launched into showtime mode to cause some devastation. Oh crikey! I can't steer my car in the air, the only directional control I have (dpad) doesn't do shit. I can steer left and right to go those directions, and shout obsenities at the monitor to move it forward and backward, but those don't work so well.

Well, let's hand it over to EA.

I have the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel and in Showtime Mode I am unable to direct the car (forward, backward, left, right, or rotate camera) because there is not an analog stick. Are these mapped to movements of the wheel, gas or paddles? I am also unable to zoom in or zoom out on the world map; using the paddles switches pause menu panes on the screen instead of zooming in or out.

EA Customer Support:
Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts technical support. Iím sorry to hear youíre experiencing trouble with calibrating the steering wheel for Burnout Paradise. The issue you described is one we have encountered quite a few times before, and unfortunately it is something that we cannot change. Please allow me to explain.

Although it is possible that some games that Electronic Arts releases will work with steering wheels they are not directly supported for this title. The only controllers that we support with our games are the Xbox 360 controllers. This is because complete mapping was done only for official controllers and due to the number of steering wheels on the market, it was not possible to map controller settings for all of them.

Official answer: No support for this first party controller.

If you've got a Steering wheel and you're looking for some car crashing action, you might want to steer clear of (Ugh, awful pun!) EA titles.
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