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I don't get this idea some media outlets have about violent games. over 2 million people play games like CoD, I guess we have 2 million mass murderers running around trained with the highest of skills. Greater than our own service men and women.


Well, I don't see this as being productive because if they cared they would have done something sooner.


I have been putting in so many long days (12 or more hours) lately and I feel exhausted beyond reason. Now I know how my Dad felt when he put in long shifts. Have a good morning people, I'm sleeping for like 3 hours.


#SundayStrip share some of your favorite comic strips and have a good Sunday everyone


After a long arduous series of unsync runs I finally have all the Horses, and with it Kirin. Never thought I would ever have a chance at this.


Had the best day in FF14 I've ever had. did some quick pony farming and nabbed all but 1. I'll try to get it saturday. I also got ash for Ixion and a trip to the lost canals. it's been a good run today.


it is 3:11am, and I really want pancakes, but I also need sleep and I have work in a few hours. I guess sleep is on the chopping block.


Despite the rain and the cold, it's still a good day today.


Sometimes I feel like the deers are waiting for me to get out of work to cross. They come out like clockwork every night.


barring the 3 day timer I would love to have that ability.


And so begins the weekend, have a good one!


Are we doing #ShoutOuttoid, well then here it is to all of you, you guys make my day a brighter one :)


Just saw The Shape of Water.That movie was phenomenal, captivating from start to finish and I couldn't recommend it more.


Weather you're hunting monsters or charging your Ki this weekend I Hope all of you have a good time. I'm super happy to have a copy of DBZF for the XB1, so I can ignore the mess that was the kinnect.


Remember folks, Gamagōri is always the biggest person in the room. Have a good weekend everyone.


Happy Birthday Panda!!! Hope you have an enjoyable one :)


AGDQ and their BoTW speedrun almost makes me want to jump back and try some speed running myself. that tree launch looks fun all on its own.


Man that Mini Direct was excellent, especially Dark Souls. Now I can praise the sun at home and on the go.


The best PSA I have ever seen courtesy of Cinnamontoastken.


Hope you all have an enjoyable Sunday


I should have gone to be bed hours ago. I will regret this decision to stay up in about 5 hours.


Happy New Year Destructoid!!!! may your day be filled with drinks, and your hangovers mild.


Before the year ends on my slice of the world, my top 5 games of the year (in no particular order) would be Breath of the wild, Mario Odyssey, Resident Evil 7, Spector of Torment, and A Hat in Time. Despite the corporate bs it's been a good year.


has anyone else hear about this. Max said he would stream it but I missed it by a few hours.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you wonderful people. Take care and enjoy the day.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you wonderful people. Take care and enjoy the day.


Had a really good Christmas eve dinner with my coworkers at "First Wok" today after we closed up shop. Probably the most fun I've had all month. Hope all of you are doing well!


I would like to take a moment to say Thank you to my secret Santa for my copy of DeadCells! Been wanting to play it for some time. Hopefully work will leave me alone long enough to get some time to enjoy it.


If only I could reach the Inbox, need dem PM's.


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