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Contestoid an egg for an egg


Edit: I've made a few changes to clarify regarding exactly what should be done as far as entry and objectives. I'm also adding one more prize tier, a ??? prize tier. it can be any type of game and it is awworded to any one of the non winning recipiants, a rafle if you will. 


I wanted to do this but with Easter, work, and school it became a rather busy hectic week for me. However that isn’t to say that it’s too late. Regardless it would be a shame not to host this.

Now, I do hope all of you had a wonderful time this past Sunday. It was a busy day and to be frank work was probably the worst thing to happen that day. Nothing in particular went bad but I’m growing tired of the rampant ignorance, laziness, and all around stupidity. If my county was vaporized in my absence I would probably dance in the ashes /rant/.



it seems that I have more eggs than I know what to do with, doesn’t mean that I don’t want them but a trade would be nice,  in fact that’s what we’ll do.

Digital goods for Digital eggs- video game Easter eggs to be more specific. I will gift through STEAM one of the following digital games listed below to 3 lucky dtoiders. The catch is that you need to write a blog about one or more of your favorite Easter eggs in video games. You could pick a specific one, a set of Easter eggs you enjoy, or even examine a game/series and discus the Easter eggs hidden in the game/series of your choosing. I will post another blog later that week with the winners.

How to enter & Grading:

Simply title you blog Egg for an Egg: “insert witty title here” and bam, you’re ready to roll. When you post though please be sure to talk about the egg or even your experience finding it. you don't need screen shots or videos but they do help by adding some meat to your blog which provides dtoiders with some fun content to go through.  

I will choose the winners based on the quality of the writing, not necessarily the quantity. In short I would rather have a nice steak rather than 10 big macs (super long) or 3 sliders(super short). Faps will also play a small role in this contest, but they will not be the deciding factor.



-Video's are fun to watch, but not everyone likes to watch videos. Make sure that if you use a video you have some explanations and text to go with it.

-If you use pictures than please write about the caption or use the picture to emphasize points or ideas in your blog.

 -if you don't use pictures or videos it would be better if your blog had a couple paragraphs discussing the egg. 

-share your experiences, I love a good story and so do many other dtoiders here.

-explain a bit about the egg. What game is it from? How do you unlock it? These things are questions people (myself included) would like to know.

-post anyway. I've been in competitions where nobody won because nobody actually entered so it doesn't hurt to post even if you feel like it isn't your best work. I see effort and believe me I do take that into consideration when I make choices.


Note: This will go on for 1 week, ends Monday the 13th at 1am US Eastern Time



  • Please Title your blog Egg for an Egg, if you don’t I may not see your entry as I don’t have time to sift through every blog looking for entries.
  • I live in the US so there may be some regional restrictions. I won’t claim to know all rules and regulations of every country but if a game is unavailable in your neck of the woods then obviously I can’t gift it to you. The most I can do is give you a digital pat on the back so please take this into consideration.
  • One entry per person, post as many times as you want but only 1 will be counted.
  • The entry requires Easter eggs not cheats, so turning Spyro red or using debug mode in sonic 1 is out of the question. Crash Bandicoots file name wombat however does count as it is a joke referring to crash bandicoots in development name.
  • Have fun
  • You will need to friend me on steam so that I can gift the game; you can unfriend me afterwards if you like.
  • This ends Monday the 13th at 1am US eastern time

With that out of the way here are the potential prizes for those who choose to participate are


1st place: Hotline Miami 2 wrong number or equivalent prize of $14.99 or less

2nd place:  Hotline Miami 2 wrong number

3rd place: Castle in the Dark

 Rafle - entry is counted upon posting: ???

Well that about wraps it up, have fun everyone and enjoy the rest of your day.

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