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100+ blogs and still going

I never did anything particularly special for my 100th blog so I’ll consider this my 100+ special. I’ve been a member since 2010 and a lurker years before then. My anniversary for this site is also coming up, but that takes...


F.APP Fridays: Persist (SFW)

F.APP Fridays – Persist Developer: Adventure Islands Publisher: Adventure Islands Platform: Android (PC Flash game also available) Hello Everyone and welcome to what is the first of hopefully many installments of Free APP Fridays...



So I play Hearthstone on a fairly consistent basis. I’ve really enjoyed it and I’m kind of excited for the new wild mode. Thinking about it all though I often wondered what it would be like if some of our illustrious members were hearth...


Top 9 games I enjoyed 2015

Well it’s nearing the end of the year and 2015 has been a great year for games in my opinion, so I have decided to write my own best of 2015 blog. The only qualifier is that it has to be a game released this year and that I’ve played i...


No, it's not Ok

[update] I made one small change and removed a portion of this. While only about a sentence or 2 in length + a photo insults shouldn't have a place on a blog like this and for that I apologize to everyone. This should read a lot better with...


They Call Me Spooky - 31 Days Finale

Today is the final day of 31 days and it’s going to be a bitdifferent. It is both the final Day of 31 Days and my bloggers wanted blog in 1as the 2 go hand in hand.This blog is all about Bloodborne and the awesome experience there in. Blo...


31 Days - Mother

Day 30, and only 1 Day away from Halloween. Today’s song is actually 2 songs and they’re here because it wouldn’t be October without them. Earthbound – the Cave of the Past Cave of the ...


31 Days - The Wardens Chains

Hello and welcome once again to 31 Days. Today’s song is actually from a Moba, didn’t know about it till I repacked up the game to play with some friends. League of Legends – Thresh’s th...


31 Days - A Song for Every Direction

Dawn of the 28th Day, 72 hours remain.For those of you who don’t get the reference Todays song is: of Zelda Majoras Mask – Ikana CanyonI think just about every Zelda fan should know where...


About Agent9one of us since 12:45 PM on 04.13.2010

Currently majoring in CS and I hope to eventually go into independent development. That being said I've always enjoyed art and technology which is the driving force behind my career choice.

other than that I'm not too hard to please so I enjoy a wide variety of games. if it controls well and has a good story and/or mechanics I'm there.

Besides games I enjoy camping, theatre, art, and a few other things.

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