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The Troll king: New Year’s Evil

Warning, some spoilers in her since we’re talking about villains so prepare yourself. When I first heard of the fighting game BlazeBlue it was at GameStop, currently on sale for the 3ds and to me it looked cool. So I said “...


The Great Revealening

So the Holiday season has come and gone and with it a very successful Secret Santa. This was the 3rd annual Secret Santa that took place on this site and all 3 were put forth and effectively hosted by community members with me being th...


And Then I Don't Feel So Bad

In such a time where things look bleak or dark, it’s important to remember the good times and what makes us happy. With all the day one DLC, Fee to play games, and general douche baggery surrounding our hobby, as well as “...


Our Favorite Things

Hello you sexy beasts, I’ve heard whispers from an eldritch being that you guys like free stuff, so how about one of the hottest Items this holiday season. I am prepared to ship an NES Mini (US ver) to one of you lovely users, a...


31 Days: Day 30 - Hours Remain

Hello Everyone and welcome to the second to last installment of 31 days. It’s been quite the adventure this past month both here and at home. Nothing bad though, It’s actually quite good for a change. Enough about that thou...


31 Days: Day 29 - Syndrome

Hello everyone and welcome to the 29th installment of 31 days. Only a few days remain. This one will be a quick one as I have tons upon tons of work to complete. Today’s Song is:   Main theme – Alien Syndrome   W...


31 Days: Day 28 - Isolation

I’ve really been in the mood for monster movies as of late. While there is no shortage of monster flicks it's hard to find a good one considering all the shit you need to sift through. I finished watching the blob, basket case, a...


31 Days: Day 25 – Gapping Holes

Mind you I do have resolve to see this series through to the end but damn it all if DarkSouls isn’t trying it’s hardest to stop me. I want to play the DLC but I must also write this and on top of that I have class tomorrow ...


About Agent9one of us since 12:45 PM on 04.13.2010

Who is Agent9? The not so secret agent of the destructoid community.

A Few things about me

- I'm almost finished with my degree in computer science and I plan on going into independent development and freelancing once I'm done.

- I can be very cynical, but I do try to be positive or curb my negativity. In spite of this I'm actually very jovial in person and I don't get mad often. I would dare say I'm quite happy, even when things seem bleak. I simply don't like industry Bullshit and I'm not one to stand for it, even if it's a game I like.

- I host a series annually called 31 Days where I post 1 horror related or themed video game song a day for the month of october. During this time I also provide keys for games (free of course) to any reader observant enough to find them.

- I've been a member of destructoid since 2010, and a lurker long before then. As such I've seen many people both come and go. Such is the natural order of things.

- I enjoy Art and draw in my spare time

- I also enjoy theatre and films. I especially like Horror movies (both good and bad ones).

- I go camping once or twice a year. I would go out more but my allergies tend to get in the way.

- I don't drink, which may be a surprise to some. I might make a joke or two about it but I stay away from alcohol for my own personal reasons, though you can feel free to drink a pint on my behalf any time you'd like.

My Top 20 Games (By the ever Illustrious Dango


This is a commission I had done for me by Inquisitive Ravenclaw. You should check out his site if you like the following piece

Link: https://theunknown1-arts.tumblr.com

I also got a musical piece made for me by the incredible Alphadeus. A little history behind this:

My musical piece came as part of the Songs for Gamers album DLC pack 02. Alphadeus has been making songs for the members of the destructoid community for years already. This past year he opened submissions and I applied. For my meagre efforts I received this lovely piece:

You can find him on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFs2UhJYPVITYWCiqMk-z3w

He also has other venues listed on his profile here, take a look if you are so inclined:

The community is full of people with all kinds of talent and I'm very pleased to be a part of it along with all of you (yes, you too fair reader).