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Resident Evil 5 Debate, Now with LULZ™

Allow me to demonstrate the power of the Race Card against Resident Evil 5.
(Disclaimer: This post contains original research on Yugioh to make this accurate. Chieftain does NOT play Yugioh. LULZ™ is a corruption of LOL™ and is copyright FOX NEWS.)

"I play the Field Card AFRICA and summon my CHRIS REDFIELD!"

"Oh Yugi, you imbecile. I activate my trap, RACE CARD, and destroy your monsters and take all of your Life Points!"

"How did you do that? The RACE CARD only works when there is a RACIST INTENT in play!"

"Silly Yugi, the RACE CARD also allows me to play MASSIVE MEDIA ATTENTION and summon my BLUE-EYES AL SHARPTON!"

"How am I supposed to counter this? BLUE-EYES AL SHARPTON is breathing down my neck, with MASSIVE MEDIA ATTENTION forcing me to make a hasty move! This RACE CARD is unstoppable!"
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