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In The Ghetto

Are we doomed to live in the cultural ghetto? Agent monkey investigates, In this handy comic. Thanks for reading!


My life, the game

I have been working on graphic design work mostly to keep myself afloat over the last few weeks, while doing so I have been prototyping a game that plays through various points in my life up until graduation. I think I have an interesting ...


X48 microsoft gamecamp

SUP GUYS/GIRL Recently I took part in the Microsoft's X48 gamecamp The idea of the competition is to get Indy developers and students in teams of four locked inside a university for 30 hours makeing games. wooooo We where given a theme o...


No one played my Indy game so I reviewed it myself

I have nothing against Xbox indie games, its great to have a community of people makeing games. I'm well aware of the vat of foul decrement that plagues it. And good games do get recognised. But after my game went on sale recently I have...


Games that just go on and on and on.

You all know what I'm talking about. Nintendogs, Brain Age, Sims and Animal Crossing. These are examples of games with no definitive ending. Why do we bother? These games in theory could start before we where born and end long after we...


About Agent Olione of us since 6:55 AM on 12.23.2009

I'm Oli an Amateur Game Dev (That means I make games in my basement)

The games I make are highly unusual and more often then not don't work.

Like a mad professor!

I'm sure ill make something worthwhile eventually.

I have some games out on XB indy and arcade Perlmania Missing reel and Yoho Kablammo

If you want them for free just Pm me *** sorry no more requests I'm out of download codes!!!

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