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About Agent Embryoone of us since 7:38 PM on 08.18.2007

I'm 31, have no life outside of video games, movies, and music. No, I have not left a blog yet, I don't really have anything to say that doesn't get said by most other blogs, I don't have inside info, so I figured it's better to not jam the c-blogs up with pointless blogs. If I come up with something, I will write one.

I have the XBOX 360, PS2, SUPER NINTENDO, Will get a PS3 at some point when they get more games

Favorite Games:
The Metroid Series
Ninja Gaiden Series
GTA Series
Tecmo Super Bowl
Zelda Series
Half-life 2

Playing Now:
Lost Planet: Colonies

Favorite Movies:
Horror (Mainly Zombie)
Requiem For A Dream
Oldboy (A lot of Japanese movies)
I Heart Huckabees

Favorite Music:
Bright Eyes

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