Only Single Player: New God of War concept art and early designs revealed

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Xbox I Hardley Knew You

Yeah that's right my xbox finally gave out. I got the dreaded old red ring of death. In case you are wondering this is my second xbox, so I guess I will be getting my third soon enough. I got my first xbox two christmas's ago so I have ow...


Bioshock Trophies

It has been confirmed by Andrew Rudson of 2K Games that Bioshock will be one of the first PS3 games to feature trophies. In an article written by Rudson it stated "While working on BioShock PS3, I had the opportunity to be one of the first...


The Start of an Affair and My First Blog

I would like to start this off with saying this is my first C-Blog I have ever written on Destructoid so just like to say hi everyone. But I am not really here to talk about that I am here to talk about how I got into gaming. It really all ...


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