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Zelda DS - A Retraction

I hereby retract all previous statements of naysayeth against the upcomming Zelda DS game. I have obtained a copy of the game in, what one of my close acquaintences would say, "Moonspeak". After playing it a little while and getting a gr...


So, I bought a Wii...

It finally happened. I was browsing Craigslist, trying to score a PS3 for $400, and I came across a nice little posting; "Wii + 2 nunchucks + 2 remotes + Wii Play = $320" It seemed like a fair price to me, considering used Wii's go above r...


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Best game in the world, ever, quite possibly should be, maybe, kinda, God of War.... Maybe Guitar Hero. I don't really put myself into a fanboy class, if I had to choose one, I'd probably go with the Wii ... haters. Useless, overpriced, POS. I currently own a ps2, wii, ps3, xbox360, DS Lite, and a PSP. Pirating is bad... if you are caught o.O

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