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Guided Gaming: Where the Hell do I go?

I would like to start off with a bit of an introduction, if I may. This is my first blog here at Dtoid. I've visited the site regularly for the last 3 years or so and decided to finally stop lurking after the epicness that was Faxtoid. It w...


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Gaming has been a passion of mine since I started. I started on the NES and a little Pac-man handheld electronic game and grew from there. I've owned various consoles and handhelds throughout my life, just as all of us have. I would have to say that my favorite gaming system is the SNES. There were a lot of immortal games that came out for the system, many of them my all time favorites. The real reason it's my favorite console was the timing of its arrival.

My parents bought the SNES to keep me company as I was extremely sick from ages 11 through 13. I spent most of the time that wasn't in hospitals or doctors' offices kicking it with Mario, Donkey Kong, Megaman, etc. This was due to the doctors determining that increasing my odds of survival required decreasing the amount of time I spent outside and around other people. And by decreasing, I mean nullifying. I couldn't go out and play, couldn't socialize like a normal kid. So as you can imagine, that sucks. So gaming means a lot to me.

There are a ton of games that I love, but I'll spare you an even longer bio and just state the highest ranking. These are in no particular order, none are higher in my esteem than any other. They all touched me (not necessarily inappropriately) in some way or really captured the feeling of a certain time in my life. First is Chrono Trigger, then Breath of Fire 2. I've beaten Breath of Fire 2 almost 20 times, no joke. Then Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. That was my first Playstation game and I played it for almost 6 months strait. Also, Super Mario RPG. I had the option between Chrono Trigger and Mario RPG for my birthday back in the day and picked this over Chrono Trigger. Totally don't regret that decision. Lastly, the entire Quest for Glory series and UT. Much love for both of those. My all time favorite series beyond a shadow of a doubt is Legacy of Kain.