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PantoMIME - The Miming

A game idea I thought of for the Wii to let it keep up with the Guitar Hero and Rock Band of other things, except, in this, you're a mime. You put on the WiiGloves and on the screen appears where you need to place your hands. It would sense where your hands are via the thing you put on top of your screen. Two icons would appear, and those represent where your hands are. Then, icons for where you need to place them appear on the screen. It would be many different minigames that involve you doing various mime things, like making a wall or pulling rope. And then you can even face off against your friends! With the use of another new accessory which would come out, a WiiPhone, which would be an ultra-sensitive microphone, you can have a contest with friends to see who can not speak or make any noises the longest! Wow! The wall game would be handled similar to Guitar Hero, but instead of notes, it would be where you need to place your hands. You can set the game to different difficulties, too! But instead of music, it would be silence. The game would have no soundtrack. You're a freaking mime, what do you expect?

And the special disk that comes with it if you preorder it is "Beat a mime to death with a sack of bologna"
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