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PantoMIME - The Miming

A game idea I thought of for the Wii to let it keep up with the Guitar Hero and Rock Band of other things, except, in this, you're a mime. You put on the WiiGloves and on the screen appears where you need to place your hands. It would sen...


Tyrant: Fall of Civilization

This particular game idea (which I am posting in order to get others' input before entering it into the Fake Game Friday competition) involves starting as one person who creates a cloning machine and slowly taking over the world. I thought...


Sim City With Zombies!

Alright, here's my idea, which I entered as a blog and in the fake game friday competition. I like the idea of sim city, and I also like zombies. So what if they were combined? I'd think that would be rather fun. So here's the idea: Y...


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I doubt anyone will read this, but whatever. I like video games. Except sports games. Favorite games? Probably Eye of Judgment, Civilization 4, Spore (which is obvious, as anyone who enjoys video games will list this once it comes out), Halo 3, Overlord, and there's probably other stuff I'll remember later. Why are you still reading this? Well, in order to thwart you, from here on I shall write NO MORE! HA! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT? Oh, crap, I guess I'm still typing/writing/whatever you want to call it.